Rift Level Guide


Rift Level Guide

I started off with rift only to find out that after my initial success of getting to level 9 at a hundred miles an hour was soon to look like beginners luck, once I got over level 9 I really started to struggle and need a rift level guide.

I think that I must have spent about a day getting to level 10, But every level after that took me like 2X longer. I love the game, But its addictive and frustrating at the same time, I don`t have enough hours in the day to work and play this thing if it is going to take me that long to get anywhere with it.

I just wanted to get right to the top and have all of the special features that I pick up on the way so that I could brag to everyone about all the crazy thinks that I had. In the end it was taking that long to get anywhere with it that I could have just gave in It had not been released long and a got talking to a guy, we wore at the same place. The 2 of us wore on the 7th level in a similar location, when I made the choice to send a party request. We got together, and set about slaying mobs all over the place, though he never really did say anything. The only thing he said didn`t actually make any sense. His name was Yusuf so I just assumed that he was an arab or something.

Though it was good to play while he was about so i make him a friend. Thats when things started to become strange, I knew something was going on.  I had to log off because it was getting late and my boss would kill me if I was late again but the next day when I got back into it, I saw that Yusuf was at like level 21. I couldn`t believe it and to make it wors he was not online so I couldnt even ask him how the heck he did it. So I thought right, Ill get to the same level as him by the time I turn off, I flew all the way upto level 10 but then it just became impossible, I got to level 11 but it was so time consuming, It was about 3.30am by the time I got there, work in 4 hours 🙁 Then I thought “whats the point in sleeping now, Ill never wake up for work” and I was that amazed at how this guy got to level 22 in such a short amount of time while i was still stuck.

So I came home from work the next night and got strate into it, Early night but Ill give it a couple of hours I thought. Logged on , what do i find? Yusuf is at level 45, Well, this is BS level 45 thats not even possible and there is me cant even get past level 12. I thought this boy must be doing something funny here, he must have something that I don`t by the time I was going to bed the buy was on level 50 for god sake. That was it, I just asked him, I got a smiley face in return, I thought that it, he wont tell, Then he said, “I have a trick” I`m like “come on Spill it then”  Then he starts messaging me instructions “do this” “buy that” Jesus, So there i am taking notes like a crazy man trying to get it all down. as Im following him around at 100mph. So I followed him for ages doing exactly what he told me and noting it all down, After no sleep it was not easy but its friday and tomorrow is for sleeping. Now before I went to sleep I had hit LEVEL 50  Thats when it started to get good. I mean Life begins at 50. So with all of these notes i had I decided to put a guide together, I love making money and this thing if i get it right will be worth a fortune I thought,  Well I did Get it Right,


Take a Look at my RIFT LEVEL GUIDE

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