Rift Leveling Guide – Easily Power Level Any Of Your Rift Characters


Rift Leveling Guide – Easily Power Level Any Of Your Rift Characters

Here is a great RIFT leveling guide that will help you get started leveling in the new MMORPG called RIFT.  I hope that this will help you out, let’s get started below.

Leveling in RIFT, how should you begin?

As with most MMORPGs they set you up with a very limited amount of quests in the beginning.  This is great because it will help you to get started quickly and will pretty much guide you into learning the mechanics of the game before you get into harder content.  It’s really important that you take this time to familiarize yourself with the game, and master every aspect of it so that you can begin to fly through the quests that are going to be in more advanced zones.

Group quests together and do them at once, a very important tip

If you don’t already do this then you can probably double the speed at which you level.  Instead of getting a quest and doing it, and coming back, you should do a lot of quests at the same time.  This means that when you reach a place that has quest givers, you should look around and see how many quests they are going to give you.  Get all of them / accept them, and then go out and do them all at once.  You will see how much more experience you get because you aren’t wasting time running for unnecessary reasons.

Skip hard quests & only focus on the easy ones

This is another tip that will save you a bunch of time. If you have played any other MMORPGs then you probably know that there are some quests which shouldn’t be done.  At least not in the beginning, maybe later you can come back and do them.  I’m talking about hard quests that just kill your time and don’t help you at all.  You need to find these and skip them if you want to power level up

Here is a very specific, step-by-step RIFT leveling guide

The #1 best way to level is to do quests, and this RIFT leveling guide gives you step by step help.

Why don’t you take a look at this step by step guide? Visit:Rift Telara Leveling Guide

They will walk you through every single quest you have to do, show you where the quest mobs are, where the quest objectives are, and it will also tell you which quests to skip.  It tells you everything, basically, so get it now and good luck.  You will hit the maximum level very soon.  I hope this helps!

So, do you want to learn exactly how you can power level any of your characters in rift with success? Visit: Rift Leveling

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