Rift Leveling Guide – How To Level Faster


Rift Leveling Guide – How To Level Faster

Article by Amanda Davidson

If you’re a passionate Rift player as I am surely you want to hit the level cap as soon as possible. This article will be revealing to you the methods used to leveling up quickly. The current max level you can achieve is 50, but leveling in Rift is not linear. Whenever you level up you gain a negligible stat boost but your character doesn’t learn any new abilities.

Whenever you gain a level you will also gain 1 or 2 skill points you can use in your skill trees. It depends on where you put those points which abilities your character will gain. For example if one of your selected souls is a Marksman, you will gain the Deadeye Shot once you place 8 points into the Marksman soul tree, and it doesn’t matter which level you are. You can only put one point per level into a single soul tree, and the additional points you get can be then used in other soul trees. That forces you to differentiate your character build and make synergies with other souls.

There are actually a lot of ways you can be leveling in Rift. In order to gain experience and thus gain levels, possible the most efficient way is to participate in Rift events and invasions. These rifts and invasions happen when a large number of strong enemies spawn in a particular area. When you are in a large group fending off dozens of invasions you can quickly gain a lot of experience points. When you battle such invasions always make sure to join public groups with other players in order to receive the most possible experience poins, which in turn will fasten your leveling time.

Additionally, you can gain experience by doing quests for NPCs. The amount gained isn’t as much as the process explained above, but you will for the most part in Rift be doing quests because they are the easiest source of levels and experience. One other way to level up is by participating in PvP combat with other players. It’s most commonly done in Warfronts, which are instanced areas designed for player versus player combat. If you participate in these battlegrounds make sure you pick up daily quests for them as well, because after winning a match you will gain a significant boost to your experience for no additional work at all.

The number one way players use to level up is by doing quests, and occasionally they participate in Rifts. While this is an effective method it’s also best to know exactly how effective they are, which is the job of leveling guides. These guides will teach you everything you must know about leveling characters of any faction in Rift and by using their methods and recommendations you will be leveling up a lot faster than most other players do.

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