Rift Macro Guide That Helps You Leveling


Rift Macro Guide That Helps You Leveling

Rift Macro Guide That Helps You Leveling can provide assistance for the ultimate gameplay experience

Rift Macro Guide That Helps You Leveling gives more info for successfully and quickly leveling up

Article by Recep F. Kaya

Rift Macro Guide That Helps You LevelingIn Rift, a rift is an area of instability. When the rifts are open, monsters are spawned and proceed to march towards critical points on the map. The monsters have the ability to conquer large portions of the area and kill and impair any player in that area. Upon entering a rift, the player will have the opportunity to join a public group. Players that close a rift are rewarded. Rift macros are a set of instructions that can be issued with one input and assigned to a certain key on the keyboard. The macro assigned key is called a hotkey. The game of Rift supports the use of macros, and they are stored in a menu that includes the macro name and an icon to help identify the macro. When a particular action is warranted, the player simply strikes the hotkey associated with that action. The macro may contain multiple actions but only one action at a time will be executed.

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As an example of how it works if three actions are assigned to the same hotkey, the actions will be executed in the order they were created. Each action will contain ability and a cool down phase. That means the cool down period has to pass before that action can be executed again. Since the hotkey will contain three actions that will be executed in succession, pressing the hotkey once will execute the first action, pressing it a second time will execute the second action and pressing it a third time will execute the third action. The directive will pass over the actions that are in a cool down.

Rift Macro Guide That Helps You Leveling starts by creating a macro. To create a macro, hit the escape key. That will open the macro menu. Pick “macro” and your macro are ready to roll. Select an image that fits the macro ability, such as “Bull Rush“. In the command panel, type in “#show Mark of Inevitability“. Then add three more lines: “cast Bull Rush”, “Cast mark of inevitability” and “cast Power Strike“. Save the macro, and it is ready to use, according to the rift macro guide.

The player can also create a macro for seeking a rift quest. It might be a quest that provides a reward, or a heroic challenge and winning over the bosses. There are some quests that can only be executed by a single player and some that can only be accomplished as a group. Rift level guides can be discussed in one of the many player forums. The rift level guide will help the player make their way through the game by rift leveling up by making good use of the rift macro guide and developing macros to allow the player to charge thru the parts of the game they don’t like to get to parts of the game they do like.

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Rift Macro Guide That Helps You Leveling is a great post to provide assistance for successfully and quickly leveling up

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