Rift Mage Builds Guide


Rift Mage Builds Guide

In this Rift Mage Builds Guide we will go through the basics of the Mage calling and its 8 Souls.

The Cleric calling is mainly a healing calling, but it can DPS also. It can tank theoretically, but its not viable now. The eight souls of the Cleric are
Shaman – Melee DPS
Druid – Melee DPS
Inquisitor – Ranged DPS
Cabalist – Ranged DPS
Sentinal – Heals
Warden – Heals
Purifier – Heals
Justicar – Tank/Off heals

All of these souls are effective in their roles except for the Justicar. As of now it is not recommended to tank with that soul. Let us see how the mage calling does in Solo and Group play in this Rift Mage Builds Guide.

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Rift Mage Builds

Solo Rift Mage Builds:

The Necromancer is the only way to go in a solo situation. Survivability combined null downtime and good killing speed make this soul superior to other souls of the mage calling. Along with healing him self he can heal his pet too. Two other souls recommended are the Choloromancer who has a debuff, which can heal you for a portion of damage you do and the Dominator who has a single target CC. Try and get feign death at the end, to get you out of sticky situations.
The Elementalist is a decent choice if you don’t mind downtime and lesser damage. They are more suitable for group quests as they have a tanking pet which stronger than that of the Necromancer. You can use the same souls used for the Necromancer.

Group Rift Mage Builds:

The mage can heal and DPS. A mage can heal any dungeon if a good enough player is playing the character. In any group environment the Dominator soul is a compulsory soul for its zero point ability.

Damage: Any DPS soul will work at level 20. A combo of a Warlock and Necromancer can do some serious damage, but a Pyromancer soul will easily do the trick. It’s Spell the Fire Storm is a very good spell to clear to thrash in dungeons. There isn’t anything complex with this soul, just get all talents which buff your damage and go all out. Using additional points in Elementalist tree for boosting your crit is a good way of utilizing your talent points. Spend 5 points in Warlock tree for charge regen, only if you are needing it.

Heals: The Chloromancer soul of the mage calling can effectively heal. Every point in the Chloromancer tree is useful. The Chloromancer buffs and debuffs according to damage it does. The main spell the Radiant Spore is a short debuff that returns 100 % of the damage done as a heal to the attacker. The spell has a small chance but can be changed to higher chance using talents. The Chloromancer also has an ability called Lifegiving Viel that heals the whole group based on the damage the Mage does himself.
Apart from these abilities the mage has some direct healing spells.

The Mage calling has a resurrection spell. Each mage should have atleast one of their roles as a chloromancer so that they can resurrect the group after a wipe.

In this Rift Mage Builds#mce_temp_url# Guide we have reviewed the 8 souls of the Mage calling, and how they fare in different game environments.

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