Rift Mage Builds-Which Souls Make The Best Mage Build In Rift?


Rift Mage Builds-Which Souls Make The Best Mage Build In Rift?

The rift mage is a hard build to master and a hard character to play as. Here are a few pointers about rift mage builds to help you dominate the game.

1. The mage solo player build.

For solo playing you need a powerhouse of a mage and the souls combinations are critical here. So use the necromancer as your main element because those ace pets will help you out in battle. For your secondary soul use chloromancer because of the healing abilities.

2. The rift mage DPS build.

The best soul for dps is the pyromancer because of the sheer amounts of damage he dishes out especially the fire balls. Next use the necromancer, again because those pets are so useful for any rift mage build. Top off the DPS build with the warlock.


3. The healing rift mage build.

This is more a multiplayer mage build and is great for supporting your party as a healer, which is just as important in the team as the strongest warrior. For this one use the chloromancer soul as your main because of it’s great healing spells, then use the warlock for higher focus and finally the good old necromancer as the pets can heal you.

Out of all the classes in rift the mage has to be my favourite, simply because it is such a challenge to play the game using one. This not only makes the game more addictive but also gives you better value for your money because it takes longer to acheive your goals. I must admit though that I did invest in a video rift guide to help me out, not to cheat but just to point me in the right direction.

As you can see there is a lot of things that go into a perfect build for a mage in rift and a lot of hours can be wasted trying out various combinations. This is where a rift levelling guide is priceless. What a guide does is show you in video format exactly what souls to use and the steps you need to take in order to level up faster.

If you want to get a level 50 FAST then check out Rift Supremacy it is the ultimate rift levelling guide. Or to see some cool rift levelling up videos check out my Youtube Channel

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