Rift Mage Guide – Level Fast, Earn Gold, Master Professions & Dominate PvP and PvE


Rift Mage Guide – Level Fast, Earn Gold, Master Professions & Dominate PvP and PvE

Trying to find a simple RIFT Mage guide to tell you a bit about Mages in RIFT?  Here’s some information that you should find helpful, and I hope that I can point you in the right direction.  There has been a lot of talk about Mages in RIFT, and people have been wondering whether their stance as the premier damage dealer in other games would hold true in this one, as well.  I think you will find the answer to be pleasing, so let’s get started below

Mages in RIFT, how good are they?

Mages are the premier damage dealers in the game.  That’s one thing that is for sure.  You do a ton of damage from range, and have a ton of power that you can harness.  In fact, the more damage you do is (questionably) the higher damage you will keep on pumping out.  That’s because you generate “charges” every time you cast a spell, and while the mechanics aren’t set in stone yet, you will basically have a higher power after your charges keep on building up.

Using arcane energies to destroy your foes

When you deal the kind of devastating magical damage that Mages do, you are also foregoing any armor that the player may have on them.  That’s because magic isn’t affected by armor, it simply bypasses it altogether.  This is one thing that is very overpowering in certain areas, because you don’t have to worry about the kind of armor they are packing.

Choosing a subclass and following your interests

There are quite a few subclasses available for the mage, and each one is pretty self explanatory.  Choosing the one that best fits your interest will surely pay off as you begin to play your character.  You can either be an Elementalist, Warlock, Pyromancer, Stormcaller, Archon, Necromancer, Dominator, and one or two others that haven’t been released yet (perhaps they will be released in a patch.)

Here’s the best RIFT Mage guide to level up fast, earn gold, master professions and dominate PvP and PvE

If you want to dominate the world and maybe own everybody else in PVP then I recommend this RIFT Mage guide.

Why don’t you take a look at this step by step guide? Visit: Rift Telara Mage Guide

It has all the things you need to power level up (including step by step quest help,) and they also help you to play your mage to the best of your ability by showing you what to use, when to use it, and how to spec.  I hope this helps, here’s a link to their download page – good luck!

So, do you want to level up fast, earn lots of gold, master your professions and dominate PvP and PvE? Visit: Rift Mage Leveling Guide

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