Rift Mage Leveling Guide-How To Build The Best Rift Mage


Rift Mage Leveling Guide-How To Build The Best Rift Mage

Rift Mage Leveling Guide will cut your time to 50

Rift Mage Leveling Guide provide you advice to help you successfully and quickly level up!

Rift Mage Leveling GuideRift is a huge game and leveling up takes a long time, to get to level 50 with a rift mage can take months. This brief guide will help you to get to level 50 a bit quicker.

Hot Spots.

In certain areas of the map you will find “hot spots”, this means a place where enemies will spawn all the time. The best thing to do is get a party together to aid your mage and spend a while in the hot spot leveling your fighter. Make sure that when you put your team together that you have a dps, healer and a tank to give you a well balanced team.

Optimized Paths.

This is where your rift mage leveling kicks into overdrive because you are not spending hours going all over the map. An optimized quest is one that takes place in just one area and this is essential for fast power leveling.

The following souls can be used for your mage.

  • Pyromancer, has the power of fire and can give a huge burst of damage to an enemy.
  • Stormcaller, has the power of the elements water and air.
  • Elemenalist, this is my favorite because you can bring pets into play, these pets are vital in battle and will save your life many times.
  • Necromancer, also has the power to summon pets, plus this soul has great healing abilities.
  • Chloromancer, this soul is good for group play because of it’s power of healing. A rift mage with this soul is always wanted in group play.
  • Dominator, rarely used as a main soul but good as a second or third soul.
  • Archon, again not a particularly powerful soul and should not be used as your main.

Ok now for group play a good soul combination for leveling your rift mage would be the Pyromancer as your main and Necromancer and Warlock as your other souls.

For solo play a good solid rift mage build is Necromancer combined with Dominator and Chloromancer.

With all those souls at your disposal and all the various abilities that come with each soul you will have endless hours of gameplay just trying them out.

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Rift Mage Leveling Guide is designed to help you successfully and quickly level up!


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