Rift Mage Souls For Accelerated Leveling!


Rift Mage Souls For Accelerated Leveling!

The search for the ultimate meaning of magic will never be complete without taking stock Rift Mage souls and what they do to perfect the art of wielding magic. The eight Rift Mage souls are all masters of a specific source of magic, deriving their power from the immense source that is Telara and all that it offers. It is for this reason that Rift Mage souls have near unlimited access to power-giving mana endowing the Mage with the ability to last long in battle without breaking a sweat. Simply put, you don’t want to be caught up in a battle against a well-built Mage because you’re bound to eat dust or be turned in a bunny.

The eight Rift Mage souls are Archon, Chloromancer, Dominator, Elementalist, Necromancer, Pyromancer, Stormcaller, and Warlock. From a role perspective, the Mage class boasts five offensive souls in total – the Warlock, Stormcaller, Pyromancer, Necromancer and Elementalist. The Chloromancer is a healing unit while the Archon and Dominator provide invaluable support in group settings such as dungeon raids and Rift events.

Each of the Rift Mage souls are unique in their own right because they command different magic sources and satisfy various roles on the battlefield. The Dominator is excellent for crowd control when a group is running a Rift raid. By using stun spells, Dominators buy enough time for the group to setup and deal with a large throng of angry, barbaric monsters thundering down the fields. In the same way, Archons and Chloromancers render support by granting group healing anytime they do damage. These Rift Mage souls can conveniently stand behind the main tank dishing long-range spells on unsuspecting enemies, inflicting damage, and converting that damage into healing for all members of the group. Simply put, it’s energy recycling at its best and most efficient freeing the primary healer to focus on supporting the main tank.

The remaining Rift Mage souls with offensive skills utilize different variations of magic sources to create powerful and unique spells. Pyromancers are experts at manipulating fire to their advantage. Any race that does not have inherent fire resistance are susceptible to the burning fury of Mage Pyromancers. Necromancers command the dead summoning long forgotten souls and bodies to do their every bidding. Stormcallers command the high heavens unleashing the fury of the wind, rain, lightning to inflict damage from weather-based spells that are impossible to defend against. Rounding up the full offering of Rift Mage soul capabilities are the Elementalists which use the power of their pets as a one-two punch and the Warlocks which are spell casters of the purest form.

To maximize the power of Rift Mage souls, work on building your Intelligence stat for a near limitless access to mana. Mages can tap into any and all mana sources and mana regeneration via Wisdom is a natural attribute, hence you can make this a second priority after Intelligence. Completing the Mage firepower is Endurance which allows the character to last through extended battles without as much as a pant.

Trust your Mage to lay waste to the battlefield all while doing it from a distance. Rift Mage souls are ultra-versatile characters that can be called on to satisfy all your needs, from support to healing to damage deals. Be confident that with a Mage at the helm, you are never too far away from victory.

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