Rift Marksman Builds – Build A Powerful Rift Character For Quick Leveling!


Rift Marksman Builds – Build A Powerful Rift Character For Quick Leveling!

One of the most effective Rogue builds center around the talents of the Marksman soul. The Marksman prides itself in extreme mobility and unparalleled ranged DPS making it a whirling dervish of havoc and destruction on the battlefield. A properly crafted Rift Marksman build can easily change the complexion of any game setting on Rift. Here are a few words on Rift Marksman builds to help players in the Rogue class build a character that will soundly serve their intended purpose in the Rift universe.

The Marksman’s hallmark as a Rogue soul is dealing damage. It is perfect for raid or dungeon settings but can also be tailor-made for other relevant game settings like PvP. Rift Marksman builds rely heavily on Deadeye Shot and Marksman’s Pedestal to deal ranged damage without being within reach of the enemy. Speed is also an added bonus as the Marksman can employ Hasted Shot and Quick Shot to boost base speed without trouble. The Marksman can easily come in to deal damage and extricate himself from any situation before the enemy even realizes what’s happening. To top it all off, the Marksman employs a variety of options to increase burst damage. A 31-point Strafe with Hit and Run plus 5-points on Deadeye Shot with Bull’s Eye means the Marksman can deal damage without having to stand still. Seriously, how do you plan to compete with a target that doesn’t need to stay in one place in order to deal some heavy blows?

A variety of Rift Marksman builds can easily be built around the Marksman soul but out suggestion is to focus on Ranger or Bard. The Ranger, in particular, is a well known Marksman pairing. Leveling is best done by using all three Marskman-Ranger-Bard with some of the healing coming from the Bard soul. For pure damage dealing qualities, Marksman (32) – Ranger (32) and two extra points on another Rogue soul is very effective. Lastly, group support on raid or dungeon events require a Marksman (34) – Bard (32) combination that grants excellent healing buffs while maintaining damage dealing qualities. You can use this last build to become a secondary or tertiary group healer without sacrificing your ability to dish out punishment wherever necessary.

The essential Rift Marksman builds toolkit consists of the following skills: Strafe, Crossfire, Single Minded Focus, Increased Fire Power, Killer Instinct, Sniper Training, Master Archery, Sharpshooter and Penetrating Shots. At maxed out attributes, this only gives 31 points leaving plenty of room to work on speed-based skills. If you plan to only use this tree alignment, then stick to raiding but not PvPs. For that purpose, pullout two points from Master Archer and 1 more from any damage-dealing skill then use Rapid Extraction, Close Quarter’s Combat, Improved Swift Shot, Getaway, On the Double, and Repelling Shot for movement and damage boosts. The 32-point allocation on Bard also works to maximize healing buffs as a secondary healer.

See if you can apply these Rift Marksman builds to your own game. It would be awesome to see how your life becomes so much better with a maxed out damage dealer than can move at blinding speed and give healing abilities. That’s not something you can find every day on the Planes of Telara.

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