Rift: Planes of Telara – How to Obtain the Most Platinum When Playing Rift


Rift: Planes of Telara – How to Obtain the Most Platinum When Playing Rift

Article by Bret Harding

Rift: Planes of Telara has many aspects to it but like other MMORPGs it focuses around an economy. Rift has introduced Platinum as the main source of in game currency that players will strive to obtain. They will start off earning gold and work towards getting Platinum for high level items.

Choosing ProfessionsAs a Rift player you are able to choose three professions from a total of 10 available. There are seven crafting and 3 gathering professions. Now as a new player it is wise to stay away from the crafting professions until you have made enough money to create items so it is best to choose one crafting and two gathering professions to begin with until you have reached about level 30. This ensures that you make a lot of gold and platinum to benefit from using the crafting skills.

Auction HouseAs the game is new, there are no automated tools for you to use to analyse the auction house on your server. Therefore, you will need to spend a lot of time looking and the needs and demands of other players for certain items. It would a wise choice to hold onto certain items you find and wait until the demand is high so you can make a profit.

Tracking DemandKnowing what items sell for what price is going to be a learning curve for every new player in Rift as the game has only been going for a couple of weeks and items and weapons and potions will be selling for varied amounts until people know what works the best. A good idea to implement is keeping a spreadsheet on your computer of every item you find to keep a log of the prices it sold for so you can end up selling them for a profit when demand is high.

Making platinum in Rift is going to be a slow process to begin with, but by incorporating the strategies listed above you will most certainly make a lot of in game currency in the forms of platinum and gold.

As long as you farm for ore, plants and skinning and keep a log of everything you find you will make money. Of course, if you wanted to know more about these strategies and tips and wanted to start earning tons of platinum right away without waiting to level up gradually then I recommend getting a Rift Strategy Guide. Whatever your decision, you will be on your way to gaining huge amounts of gold and platinum to enable you to dominate whatever server you play on.

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