Rift: Planes of Telara Rift Hunting


Rift: Planes of Telara Rift Hunting

Rift: Planes of Telara Rift Hunting

Sometimes you find a game that excites you every time you play it. Rift will be like that for you. With so many different styles of play it’s like a new game every time you log on. One of things that has always bothered me about MMO games is that you really only have one viable way to level up: questing. No matter how many different types of quests there are, whether they are gathering X amount of this, or playing tour guide for an NPC, they start to feel boring and sluggish. With Rift, we are giving something different. In Rift, we can stop the push and pull of questing and start closing dangerous Rifts. Monsters can pop out at any time; your life is on the line as you fight to end a rifts existence in the zone. Rifts are meant to involve everyone in the zone, no more PUGs or gear scores before you can start having fun. Simply join in the Rift hunting and level to a new tune.

True, you get as much experience or gear from Rift hunting as you do from solo quests; however,
the rush of taking on a rift with other players more than makes up for it. Rift hunting is kind of like
dungeons in other MMO games, except that they aren’t instanced, they don’t have a level equirement, and anyone can join in the fun. This new path for leveling does give you a lot of options. To help you sort those options out, you need a Rift guide. What this game guide will do for you is allow you to know the best way to close a Rift as you chosen class. One to the more complicated things about Rift the game is its group dynamics. You still have your Tank, DPS, and Healer but with the level of customization that Rift the game allows, each combo can fulfill different roles. A Rift guide will help you understand your class’ role in a group, which skills and rotations you should use in a group, and how to best help your teammates succeed in their goal.

For example, as a Warrior, I am mainly a tank, but because I have the Paladin/Beastmaster/Riftblade souls my tanking style is different from another warrior with different souls. I send my pet in to take the most damage while I stand back and cast spells at the mark. This type of tanking isn’t normal for a MMO game. Without a Rift game guide to help me develop my tanking style, the groups I played in would have wiped over and over again while I tried to figure out how to play. More than likely I would have given up on this type of tanking and switched back to playing a normal tank. I’m glad I have a guide that allowed me to understand my class and helped with my tanking because now I have a personal tanking style unlike anyone else I’ve encountered in game. So do yourself a favor, buy a Rift Game Guide, understand your class’s group role, and go hunt some Rifts. Trust me; you’ve never had so much fun.

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