RIFT Planes of Telara: The Ultimate Guide


RIFT Planes of Telara: The Supremacy Guide

The Mage is one of the four classes found in the game. There are 7 sub-classes known as souls. Dominate and be the most powerful mage in the world of Telara and to be so, you need a complete walkthrough of Rift Mage. Jam packed with highly exclusive strategies and off-beat content laboriously prepared by expert gamers for the mage class. Learn the basic details to the essential faire in order for your mage to stand out in every combat.

What to expect in this RIFT Guide?

• Exclusive Mage-Only PvP Strategies and Combat Tactics

• Fast Leveling for Mage Class

• Proven Gold Reaping Tactics

• Best Abilities Combination Tailored Exclusively for Mages

• Secret Equipment Combinations For Mage

Combat Tactics, PvP Strategies – Never be again getting intimidated over some robustly dressed class. Don’t rely only on gears and weapons. True triumph comes with a sound battle tactics. Having acquired the right strategies, your mage can breakthrough any defense system even if highly armored. Prepare yourself for an overwhelming surprise as this RIFT Guide will show you how to take down any higher level warrior or of any class whether it is a rogue, wise cleric or yet another mage like you.

Leveling Paragon for Mage – This Rift Guide is your shortcut for faster level cap. Find out the best abilities and skills, read up which leveling spots and high rewarding quests that will help you to level up even faster.

Money Making Schemes: Mage Only – Specific soul combined with the perfect ability set-up can actually help your mage reap more gold. Learn all the unique money-making strategies, make enough gold, and purchase everything that your heart desires to have.

Souls, Spells, Abilities- In Telara, a mage can only maintain three souls. There are 6 souls to be considered: Elementalist, Rift Warlocks, Rift Pyromancers, Rift Stormcallers, Rift Archons, and lastly the Rift Necromancers. Know each soul through this Rift guideline and pick the souls that work best for your playstyle. Have a sweeping expertise for each soul using top set-ups for mages and better spend your playtime leading in boss fights and showing off your mage in parties and groups.

Indulge Your Mage with the Right Equipments – Items, weapons, armors, rare objects, these along with many more strengthens the ability of your mage to surpass battles of varying levels, against powerful enemies and different scenarios. Discover everything and anything you need to know in this Rift manual. Specially featured in this guidebook are hints and recommendations from expert gamers as to where to find rare drops and the best combinations and equipment sets.

Guide Updates – Of course, the updates of this guide is TOTALLY FREE. You will be notified when an update is published. You can easily download it through logging into your account.

Get your Rifts Planes of Telera Guide here.

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