Rift – Planes of Telara


Rift – Planes of Telara

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The number of times a new MMORPG is described as a WoW [World of Warcraft] Killer, really defies belief and when ever this description is used, I automatically discount the claim as it is ‘too big to be true’.

Well, I have heard this claim yet one more time – used to describe the recently released MMORPG called Rift. Rift was only released to the world at large on 1st March 2011, and from the stunning reception it has received from the market it might really be a WoW killer.

Rift has been the most successful MMORPG release in the short history of the internet, as the game’s stability enabled the launch to happen without any technical glitch or server crash occurring.

Whether or not RIFT is a WoW killer, a couple of things about RIFT are certain. Firstly, RIFT is technically superb – great graphical interface with seamless rendering, and Secondly, the game is huge.

Why not immerse yourself in another world ?

In the first month of its release, gamers all over the world have been delving into this virtual world – clamoring to raise their playing levels and competing head to head in PvP mode – so much so that it is claimed that over 4,000 man years of individual gaming time has been clocked up in the first month.

There are already a number of guides available to help players with strategy, character builds, leveling up and every aspect of the game that you will need to get your handle around if you want to play the game successfully.

A large number of Rift players have progressed to Rift, having played WoW for years as they are looking for a change and also a new and exciting challenge.

Rift can provide a new level of inspiration or motivation to any one who likes WoW or similar MMORPG’s but are no longer inspired or challenged by these games that have now been around for years.

Players would be well advised to get themselves a Rift strategy and leveling guide – as this will certainly save them a serious amount of time. The Time that you could save by employing a good strategy and leveling guide, could be weeks or even months.

Given Rift is much more enjoyable when you are playing at the higher playing levels – the time saved by using a guide can be spent having a more enjoyable gaming experience.

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