Rift Platinum Making Guide


Rift Platinum Making Guide

Article by Amanda Davidson

Platinum is the main currency in the upcoming MMORPG game Rift: Planes of Telara. Players have a variety of ways to obtain more platinum, and this article will explain the basics of platinum making in Rift.

At first when you just start playing you’ll only be earning silver. 100 silver is worth 1 gold, and 100 gold is worth one platinum. By the time you reach level 10 you should have about 1 platinum, which is usually enough for a few health and mana potions and nothing else. You won’t have enough to buy better equipment and you’ll be stuck with your quest greens for quite awhile. The biggest expense you will have is at level 20 when the time comes for you to buy a mount. Having a mount in Rift is important because it gives you increased movement speed and helps you get around the world much faster.

A mount currently costs 20 platinum, and earning those twenty platinum coins can be quite a task. The best way you can save enough platinum in order to be able to buy one is to pick up as many gathering professions as you can and resell the raw materials on the auction house to other players. By doing so you will have plenty of platinum to go around, and purchasing a mount will not be a problem for you.

There’s a lot of platinum making strategies you can use in Rift in order to increase the amount of money you have, and having access to those kind of useful tips and strategies as soon as possible is imperative if you want to have enough gold for all your needs. That’s why I recommend you check out some platinum making guides and Rift strategy guides which have this kind of information.

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