Rift Professions Guide – Learn Everything You Need To Know About The Profession Aspect


Rift Professions Guide – Learn Everything You Need To Know About The Profession Aspect

Here is a quick & simple RIFT professions guide that will help you learn more about the professions, and how you can use them effectively in the brand new popular RIFT MMORPG.  Let’s begin below and get an idea of which professions you can begin to check out as you play the game.

Professions, how they are broken down

As with most other MMORPGs, you can use professions for various reasons.  They are generally broken down into two categories: gathering and production.  You can either gather materials from the world and environment, or you can use the same / similar materials to make useful items.  Whichever you choose there are benefits to both methods, and you can also take advantage of both kinds if you have a few different characters.

Gathering professions, why they are useful

You can gather a number of different materials in the world, from ore, to clothing, to other useful objects.  The big benefit to gathering professions is that you can use your own materials to craft better objects, which saves you money – or you can use them and sell them to other players, which will make you wealthy.  Whichever reason you choose to have a gathering profession, you will be ahead in the game because of it.  Also, once you have reached the maximum level, you can be gathering materials as you talk to others during your idle periods.

Production professions, why you should pick one up

If you are interested in getting good high end gear, then a production profession is probably something that you should look into.  Almost all of the production professions will give you some high level gear.  You can easily use this to help yourself get into better raids or get into a good group.  Usually if you pair your producing profession with the gathering one, you will have a self serving cycle that will help you to keep on producing things while gathering all the materials that you’d need.

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