Rift PvP Builds


Rift PvP Builds

What is Rift PvP Builds?

PvP is (player vs player) and if you want to get in this you will be needing a very good build for your class.
Now in this article I will be getting over all the characters in Rift and I will tell what souls are the best for that character. Let’s begin with probably the most popular class in Rift.


Ok the best build for Warrior at the top level should be Void Knight and Riftblade hybrid this class for me is the best. You get a variety of mana burning effects and magic damage attacks, yet still wear plate and can use a shield. You can simultaneously be anti-melee and anti-caster at the same time!
I recommend starting off as a Void Knight with your side points in Riftblade for PvP.
I am just briefly going to all classes in this post. More of this later.


For Cleric, the most well-rounded PvP build includes a heavy focus in Purifier, a moderate focus in Inquisitor, and a few points in Warden. Purifier is an excellent PvP healer, and healers are very popular in Battlefields, whereas Inquisitor allows you to dish out some damage and gives you access to very powerful Purge abilities.


One small tip for Cleric melee cleric build on Warfronts because they are probably one of the worst builds in Rift.


Rogue is the most fun to play class in Rift, a lot of players is taking this character because of their ability to fast level trough the game with some good builds. One of the best souls are Marksman and Build put together. Marksman deals great burst damage and Bard provides excellent buffs for the group. Melee Rogues lack survivability and are often focus-fired down when you try to move into a group.


Traditional Mage souls are very weak in Warfronts but there are some souls that could be put together and give some damage. Dominator and Stormcaller are very interesting option for Mage. The Dominator is one of the starting souls in the entire game which has a variety of talents geared towards PvP.
One more small tip Transmogrify is the best PvP ability in the entire game across all four callings.
Personally, I have seen several Mages that are complete nightmares in Warfronts. Knockback is particularly annoying, especially when you are trying to assault the Vault in Codex and a Mage keeps pushing you off the ledge!

Conclusion on the Best Rift PvP Builds

Conclusion is very clear all the classes are very good in PvP and you can decide on your own wish. If you want to fast level trough the game or just want to start on the right foot you need to have a guide.
A guide that could help you is Rift Supremacy guide, voted number 1 guide it has both written plus video guide.


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