Rift PvP Guide – Learn How To Easily Dominate PvP In Rift


Rift PvP Guide – Learn How To Easily Dominate PvP In Rift

If you are trying to find a good RIFT PVP guide that you can use to dominate in RIFT, then this article below should help you out a bit.  I’m going to try and go over some keys to being good at PVP as well as how you can get some more detailed information on the subject.  Let’s get into it below and find out what you should be doing to get started dominating others.

If you are trying to PVP, then this is very important:

Especially in a game like RIFT, where there are tons of different spells, you need to know what the other people are capable of doing.  What I mean is, you need to learn every other ability in the game pretty much.  Why?  Basically because if you are fighting against other players, you will gain a huge advantage if you know their classes too.  IF you know what they are capable of, then you know what to predict, and you will already have a plan set in motion that will help you to counter their attacks.  You will also know the weaknesses of other players, as well as what their best things are.  Overall this will give you a huge advantage and help you to own them

Mastering your own class, a very important step as well

You can’t dominate without knowing your own class too. If you do know your class well then you will know how to maximize your damage and increase your survivability.  Using the correct spells at the right time is so much more important than anything else, so try and master that.  Timing is very important, and very key – but sometimes it can be very delicate, too.  Doing a lot of PVP will help to teach you what you should be doing, but there are faster ways to learn

Here’s the best RIFT PVP guide that teaches you how to own everybody in the game.  You can get it below, download it now

Here is the #1 RIFT PVP guide that I recommend.  Just visit their front page and you will see how much it will help you.

Why don’t you take a look at this step by step guide? Visit: Rift Telara PvP Guide

After opening it up you will immediately see how you can power level up, what classes you can learn about, and then they will give you immediate instruction into how to start owning in PVP.  You get step by step directions as to what spells to use, when to use them, how to counter others attacks, and everything you need to know.  Good luck and have fun.

So, do you want to successfully dominate PvP in rift? Visit: Rift PvP

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