Best PVP Builds – Rift Mage and Cleric Tutorial


Best PVP Builds – Rift Mage and Cleric Tutorial

Best PVP Builds for both Mage and Cleric in most situations.

Best PVP Builds will help you successfully and quickly level up!

Article by Louis Simon

Best PVP BuildsThe Best PVP Build in Rift for the Mage is using the Dominator as your main soul and the Necromancer and the Warlock as your off-souls. This construct has great self-healing capabilities which allows you to put your enemy down with mana and electricity drains and also a +50% recover-debuff. These capabilities are pretty superior in group PVP’s and you will have your enemies on the run if you can use this build to its max possibilities.

Rift Cleric Best PVP Builds Guidebook For a superior strong PVP Cleric, pick out the Shaman as your main soul and the Justicar and the Sentinel as your off-souls. This construct enables you to make use of the Shaman’s abilities of survivability, AOE attacks and stuns. Stuns are very practical in PVP situations as you can unload on your opponent when they are temporarily incapacitated. The Sentinel and Justicar soul mixture are also important mainly because you will be able to undergo sustained attacks when casting spells and healing yourself. The Justicar soul will allow you to enhance your injury by +25% as well, so all round this Cleric PVP construct is pretty good.

This tutorial will give you an idea on how to place your souls together to make a PVP character for both the Mage and Cleric. Having said that, every PVP condition is distinctive and you may be up against unique situations with distinct builds, which means that you will have to create a PVP construct that works…

So what do you need to do if you want to know how to build the final character for each and every circumstance?

Effectively, the best is to use a guide it will show you how to build the greatest PVP character. The tutorial will display how to combine souls and specifically how to allocate your points and show you the leading methods to help you win 95% of your PVP battles. The guide will provide you with a plethora of heals and a ton of mana, for each of your builds and souls.

Click here to see the fantastic tutorials to walk you through each phase of character development.

Best PVP Builds was designed to provide assistance in successfully and quickly leveling up to 50 as fast as possible!

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