Rift Rogue Guide – How To Level Up Fast And Master Your Class


Rift Rogue Guide – How To Level Up Fast And Master Your Class

  Here’s a short and simple RIFT Rogue guide that will help you learn some more about the new MMORPG RIFT. They have a ton of new classes in this game, as well as some old ones, and I’m hoping to give you a nice and easy introduction into the new Rogue system. Let’s get into it below to find out what you can expect from this age-old class.

How are the Rogues in RIFT?

Rogues are pretty good in RIFT because you can do a multitude of different things. Normally when you choose a rogue class you are somewhat pigeon holed into doing a very particular set of things, such as doing damage or remaining as a stealthy addition to your team. In this game, however, the Rogues are completely versatile that can use a multitude of ways in attacking and defending against objectives and/or helping the raid.

Leveling as a Rogue

Rogues are probably the fastest levelers in the game because of their killing speed, survivability, and dynamic methods of attacking. You can generally expect to power level when you choose the Rogue class, but you also need somewhat of prior knowledge in order to know where the quest objectives are and/or where you should go to complete each one. It also helps you if you know which quests to skip in advance, but this normally comes with experience.  I suggest this guide if you want to be the best and beat all your friends quick.

  Wondering if this guide will really help you dominate Rift? Then stop wondering this guide is definately the most in depth guide available to help you get through all 50 levels faster than any of your friends not only will you get in depth written guide, you will also get in depth video analysis to help you level faster than anyone you know.

Here’s the best RIFT Rogue guide that helps you to level up, step-by-step

If you want some step-by-step help in leveling up, then this RIFT Rogue guide is for you. Visit their download page and check it out to be the best at Rift.

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