RIFT ROGUE – Leveling tips for beginners


RIFT ROGUE – Leveling tips for beginners

Article by Sasa

Rogue is probably the most popular character in Rift he maybe the most interesting character in Rift!

Playing as a rogue will reward you with a well-balanced, exciting, and interesting gaming experience that is going to be a hell of a lot of fun. If you are beginner maybe the best choice for you is ROGUE.

Rogue is very popular but that doesn’t mean that is easy. You will have to sweat a lot to level this character but while you do that you are going to have a lot of fun.

I am going to give you some basic Rift ROGUE guide tips that is going to really help you in your game:

– First you must remember the rogue is not a hugely powerful melee character, especially at lower levels. This calling specializes in using one-handed weapons that are not going to cause massive amounts of damage. That means you need skill to play with Rogue if you rush like crazy in battles you will probably end up dead.

– Rogues are extremely effectively at using physical ranged attacks such as bows and guns. Use this to your advantage. Get the ‘Marksman’ soul early on and put time and effort into leveling this up. You will be rewarded with rapid level progression and an enjoyable gaming experience. I already explained on this blog how to build Marksman soul. Read it.

– Rogues are rather rapid levelers. This means that if you want to power-level to 50 quickly picking a rogue as your leveling build is an extremely wise idea. Just do this very smart.

– Rogues are very effective in PvE even more than in PvP especially when using melee specialization of souls.

– Try to get a pet early on in the game. This will help you level your build, and provides an interesting faucet to gameplay.

– Also one more tip BARD is very good soul for beginners. It’s very powerfull when you are low level.

I hope this few tips helps a little, as I said if you are starting and you have doubts choose Rogue for you character it’s extremely fun playing this character. You have links below for more tips and tricks for Rogue and other characters in the game. Enjoy

Check out Rogue Builds here: http://www.riftsupremacyguide.info/category/leveling-a-rogue/

For more character builds check here: http://www.riftsupremacyguide.info

Until my next tip see you around.

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