Rift Rogue Souls For Faster Leveling!


Rift Rogue Souls For Faster Leveling!

Rift Rogue Souls are the most versatile classes in Rift, streetsmarts and specialization

Rift Rogue Souls was written to help you successfully and quickly level up!

Rift Rogue SoulsThe Rogue class is one of the most versatile Soul classes in the Rift game and the continuing preference by elite players to play Rogue is proof of that the Rogue can indeed hold its own. Scour the battlefields of Telara for high-level players and there’s a good chance many of them are from the Rogue class. This is because Rift Rogue souls have the perfect blend of streetsmart and specialization to wreak havoc on mobs and groups in PvPs making them ultra-efficient and effective. Offensive-minded Rift Rogue souls are dedicated practitioners of hit-and-run strategies, always on the ready to unleash a flurry of blinding combination attacks that can reduce a player’s morale and his character’s life bar to zero in no time.

The realm of the Rift Rogue souls is energy which acts like mana as used Clerics and Mages. Every Rogue movement requires energy with the advantage that it regenerates faster than mana, hence you can expect Rift Rogue souls to be better equipped for long-term combat than other soul classes in the game. Combo points are also essential in unleashing a blinding flurry of combo attacks and because they are stackable up to 5 points, you can bide your time and wait for the perfect moment to strike. In this regard, Rift Rogue souls prioritize Dexterity, Endurance and Strength stats in that order.

In order to launch their attacks at a high speed, Rift Rogue souls compromise a bit on defense by equipping themselves with light leather armor. Leather makes them vulnerable to straight up attacks from weapon wielding souls like Warriors but their speed can take them out of tight situations in a flash duly dissipating the risk. In terms of weapons, Rift Rogue souls can carry daggers, one-handed swords, one-handed axes, one-handed maces, bows and even guns to inflict damage on an unsuspecting enemy. All in all, Rogues have two defensive souls, five offensive souls, and a support soul called Bard. The defensive souls are the Riftstalker and Saboteur while rounding up the offensive souls are the Assassin, Bladedancer, Marksman, Nightblade and Ranger.

The Bard is a particularly interesting case in Rift Rogue souls because it is in a class by itself. You can never use a Bard to perform traditional functions like tanking or dealing damage but in a group setting where all roles are adequately fulfilled, the Bard is the thread that ties all things together. The strength of the Bard is in providing buffs and debuffs granting the group an extra edge against the competition. The songs of the Bard including Anthems, Verses, Codas, Chords, Fanfares and Motifs are enough to paralyze opponents and render them defenseless.

For leveling purposes, combine at least two offensive souls such as the Marksman and the Ranger and complement the soul tree with a defensive soul such as the Riftstalker. The Ranger can actually summon a pet which gives it the ability to attack from a distance while the pet takes all the damage. When combined with the Marksman soul tree, the character can really deal heavy blows without ever being near the enemy. This combination of Rift Rogue souls is the ultimate testimony to the cunning and cleverness that is unique to Rogues.

If you are planning to level up as fast as possible, choose the Rogue calling and you won’t be disappointed. Rogues possess one of the most lethal and effective offensive arsenal in the Rift world giving it a one-way ticket to mob demolition, experience growth and leveling. It’s really an unfair advantage but then again, what else do you expect from the cunning Rogue?

This Rift Leveling Guide is proving to help many gamers save huge amounts of time and frustration.

Click here to see step by step tutorials as well as videos to level up using your Rogue in Rift!

Rift Rogue Souls should help you master this awesome MMORPG and successfully and quickly level up!

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