Rift Rogue Souls Guide – Everything You Need To Know About Rogue Souls


Rift Rogue Souls Guide – Everything You Need To Know About Rogue Souls

If you want to master the game of rift, it is important that you go through a good Rift Rogue Souls Guide that will help you understand all the basic concepts related to rogue souls in Rift. In this article, we aim to tell you all the information related to rift rogue souls that will come in useful when you begin to play this game. Continue reading to know more.

Overall, you will find many different types of rogue souls in Rift. Before you use them, it is necessary to know about these and here is a small introduction about the different types of rogue souls.

1.      Bard – The bard are most helpful in casting a buff or healing the entire party. It will help you in limiting the damage caused to various members. They come in handier in a group play.

2.      Assassin – This is the most useful rogue soul as it can give the ability to squeak past the mobs without having to fight with them. Therefore, with this, you can decide on your opponent.

3.      Blade Dancer – It has very different abilities in terms of agility, dodging, flexibility and can cause immense damage to the opponent.

4.      Ranger – A ranger gives you the ability to bring in a pet to the contest that can help with the DPS. These come in very useful if you plan to raid your opponents.

5.      Marksman – It has very high damage skills and is useful during hit and runs.

6.      Riftstalker – This is known as the tanking soul for the different types of rogues. It also has the ability to give more armor and protection.

7.      Saboteur – This rift rogue soul will help you target the CCs in a better manner.

Your Step by Step Guide to Rift rogue souls

It has been found that using a step by step guide will give you much more information in a manner that is very easy to follow and implement.

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The categorization mentioned above will come in useful in the game. However, using the right combination of the souls at the right time is critical and only a step by step guide can provide you with that information.

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