Rift Rogue Tank Build Guide For Beginners!


Rift Rogue Tank Build Guide For Beginners!

Rift Rogue Tank Build

Rift Rogue Tank Build is very important in the game of Rift to successfully and quickly level up!

Rift Rogue Tank BuildThe tank is one of the most important units you can ever build in the Rift game. Patrolling the Planes of Telara, you are bound to come across groups who are in the lookout for an excellent tank because every single dungeon raid or rift event requires the services of a tank that is properly built to “specifications.” The skills of the tank can easily make or break a group’s performance in a raid, hence the constant search for tanks – even non-conventional ones like a Rift Rogue Tank build – ranks highly in the priorities of those looking to build a Rift group.

The most ideal primary tanks are those that come from the Warrior class because Warriors are ideally armored to absorb the punishing blows of any and all enemies. However, this doesn’t mean that other classes are left out in the race to build a tank. Even few in number, defensive souls in other Rift classes are still capable of being a reliable primary tank in a group situation. The Clerics have the Justicars to rely on and the Rogue can call on the services of the Riftstalker and Saboteur to make Rift Rogue tank build. It requires little explanation why the Mage is the only soul class incapable of making a tank build.

Specific to the Rogue class, the Riftstalker is the bread-and-butter main soul for a Rift Rogue tank build. The Riftstalker employs abilities like Hardened Stalker, Toughened Soul, Great Fortitude, Booster Recovery, Phantom Blow, Cautious Stalker, Rift Guard and Planar Refuge as the basis for its defensive arsenal. All of these skills combine to make the Riftstalker a tough Rift Rogue Tank build able to meet the stringent demands for a primary tank. To complete the build, the Riftstalker can be paired with Bladedancer and Bard to deliver extra buffs and stat boosts that enhance the defense overall. The Bladedancer comes with a 5% dodge boost and 6% parry and any time you can bless a tank with extra abilities for defense, you do not pass up on the chance.

The selection of Bard is an interesting choice for a Rift Rogue Tank build. In most cases, choosing Saboteur will prove to be the better option because they build on the defense of the Riftstalker and complements it further. However, the Bard does have both active and passive buffs which are automatically in play without even casting a spell. For a more dynamic setup, the Bard’s Verses can actually give temporary group healing so the tank with a Bard off-soul can heal neighboring group members freeing the primary healer to focus on restoring the tank’s health. This approach is a little unconventional in most group settings but in the absence of a primary Warrior tank paired with a primary Mage healer, this is oftentimes sufficient.

The next time you are stuck looking for a Warrior primary tank, drop the pretense and give a Rift Rogue tank build a chance. You will never regret employing the services of a Rogue tank. In any event, a Rogue tank can always slide to secondary tank duties should a more suitable Warrior tank be available. In the best cases, a simple soul change can automatically transform the Rift Rogue tank build into a reliable DPS character playing off of the tank to destroy the battlefield. The versatility of the Rogue will win it many battles and you would be wise to side with the victor.

This Rift Leveling Guide is proving to help many gamers save huge amounts of time and frustration.

Rift Rogue Tank Build will assist you in your attempts to successfully and quickly level up!

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