Rift Soul Guide ‘Review’ – The Things That You Should Know About Soul Rifts


Rift Soul Guide ‘Review’ – The Things That You Should Know About Soul Rifts

In Rift, there are four primary callings that have a lot of different Rift souls that a player can choose from. After choosing, you cannot change it anymore. Each class has its own disadvantages and advantages when compared to other classes. Each class also has its own different souls that a player can choose from. A character can have 3 different souls at a single time. A brief Rift souls’ guide is below.

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There are just four types of classes in the game Rift. These are: warrior, mage, cleric and rogue. The soul guide will show you the different souls of each class.

If you are a warrior, then you can choose between the following souls that you can specialize as paladin, reaver, champion, void knight, warlord or riftblade. When you progress through the game, you will be able to get two more souls. The champion soul is a good melee fighter but is very impatient that is why they are weak to sneak attacks. Paladins, on the other hand, are good with protection, shield handling and counterattacks but are slow.

When you go for cleric, you have the following choices for Rift souls: sentinel, purifier, justicar, inquisitor, warden, druid and shaman. Purifiers are good with winter magic and melee. But this soul is weak since they do not have the ability to heal.

If you are thinking of going for the rogue, you have the choice to be a ranger, a nightblade, assassin, blade dancer, marksman, saboteur, or riftstalker. In total, you have to choose three souls for rogue. A nightblade is good with silent attack but have poor endurance and in battles that are take a lot of time. They are almost invisible but are weak win fighting the wrong enemy. The assassin soul, meanwhile, uses blades that are poisoned. But there are some enemies that are immune to this. Just be careful with targeting your sneak attack.

If you are a mage, then the Rift souls for you are: warlock, elementalist, stormcaller, necromancer, pyromancer, dominator or archon. As an elementalist, you are good with all the elements. You can call each element during a battle for assistance. Without an element, an elementalist becomes weak and cannot defend himself. The stormcaller, on the other hand, are good in using water and air magic in battles. Without this, he would be weak. A stormcaller also has poor defense and is nothing without magic.

Hope this guide for Rift souls helped you in some way in choosing the best character for you. Be choosy. Opt for a soul that has abilities that can suit your preferences.

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