Rift Starters Guide – Learn The Basics Of Rift


Rift Starters Guide – Learn The Basics Of Rift

If you are a starter with the game Rift, then you surely would be looking for a good Rift Starters Guide. The game is definitely interesting and challenging one, but it may be overwhelming for starts as there are many different aspects to the game.

In this article, we provide you with some basic information about Rift that will help you kick start your game.

The follow are the aspects that you need to be aware of :

Calling – The calling that you chose once cannot be changed. The different types of calling include Mage, Cleric, Rogue and Warrior. You can choose anyone of them based on your inclination.
Role – Once the calling is chosen, there are different roles that you can opt from, depending on your calling, such as the DPS, the Heeler, the Meeler or even a combination of these roles.
Soul – The soul is like the class in the other games. There are many different types of souls and you can switch between them when you want to. The souls have some predetermined skills and there are enhancements to increase the skill.
You should keep in mind that the combination that you choose for the souls would help you define the character further. You should also make sure that the souls that you choose are compatible with each other.
Plan a good strategy before you start moving aggressively because the game moves very fast and you will not get a good chance to work on the strategy in the later games.
Be careful to choose the right role as well as soul combination as that is a key determinant in how the game will shape up.

Using A Step by Step Guide To Become A Better Player At Rift

The above tips will come in useful for you when you start the game. However, if you want to take the game further, it is highly recommended that you follow a step by step guide that provides you with the right guidance at the various stages and levels of the game.

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Choosing the role, calling and the souls are very important aspects of the game. However, if you decide to go in for the step by step guide, you will come to know how to exactly dominate the game scene.

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