Rift Supremacy Guide – Is This The Best Rift Game Guide?


Rift Supremacy Guide – Is This The Best Rift Game Guide?

Rift Supremacy Guide provides an overview of this awesome game guide

Rift Supremacy Guide will help you successfully and quickly level up, guaranteed!

Rift Supremacy GuideIf you have been struggling to get your head around Rift and the complex way that this game plays then using a strategy guide will make your gaming experience much more enjoyable. Due to the deep nature of souls/callings, as well as Rifts and invasions Rift: Planes of Telara is not always the easiest game to master.

Rift Supremacy Guide was released shortly after Rift itself, and claims to be the original and most comprehensive guide to the game. Using both written and video instructions The Rift Supremacy Guide aims to show you exactly how to build a stellar character, then quest, level, and loot effectively and easily whilst avoiding some of the pitfalls and difficulties you might normally encounter along the way.

So is Rift Supremacy actually any good? Or is it all hype and no substance?

The first thing you will notice about The Rift Supremacy Guide is that it has a very detailed guide to building strong and usable characters, no matter what calling or soul system your choose. Picking a class in RPG games and then developing a strong character is never easy, so this is a welcome addition to what can be a rather difficult concept to master. If you are fretting over which build to select then The Rift Supremacy Guide will be an invaluable resource for you.

One downside to The Rift Supremacy Guide is that it appears to be aimed more at intermediate and advanced gamers looking to power level or select an optimal build for either PvE, or PvP combat. Basic game mechanics and beginners guides are eschewed in favor of solid guides to power leveling, combat, dungeon exploration, questing, and looting. Therefore if you are totally new to Rift and are struggling to actually comprehend how the basics of the game work you would be better off with a guide such as our beginner guides listed below.

Help in learning the basics-Part One, click here.

Part Two can be found here.

If you have any interest in power leveling (gaining levels as quickly as possible whilst minimizing time input) then you really do need The Rift SupremacyGuide. A large proportion of the guide is focused around power leveling quickly and effectively, which will basically skyrocket you to becoming a top Rift player. The power leveling advice in Supremacy is the best, bar none.

In conclusion, The Rift Supremacy Guide is an essential tool if you are looking to explore some of the complex possibilities in Rift, as well as if you want to power level quickly and easily. If you are an absolute beginner then there are better guides out there, but if you have some experience at MMORPG games or Rift itself then you should get Rift Supremacy today.

Rift Supremacy Guide was written to help you successfully and quickly level up, come back for more!

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