Rift Supremacy Guide Review! – An Honest Review for Rift Supremacy!


Rift Supremacy Guide Review! – An Honest Review for Rift Supremacy!

Article by Ayush Sharma

I bought this guide a month back and thought of giving it a try. I have been playing rift for just 2 months but i was starting to get frustrated cause of the slow level up and always getting beat up. BTW i was and am playing with a rogue character. I just love secretive characters. Say fable,WoW,rift etc always a thief or something. Well anyways after I started to get frustrated i started losing my mind on this game. So i started searching for rift guides and came across rift supremacy.

At first I wasn’t really sure about buying this guide. What if it was not as good as everyone tells? Such questions popped in my head. So I started searching its reviews and came across riftsupremacyv.com and read an honest review. Taking there advice i bought rift supremacy.

Just after starting with the guide I noticed the change in the gameplay and started leveling faster. Suddenly I was more powerful, I came to know stuff about my character i never knew before. The information I read in the guide made me realize that i was still a beginner in this game. The information was absolutely eye opening.

So just to test how effective this guide was I started a new account and started playing with a warrior character. I had expected that i will reach level 50 in probably months and was secretly hoping that the guide wont work and i will pin the blame on it. Unfortunately my hopes crushed as the guide along with the video tutorials were so perfect that I reached level 50 in just 2 WEEKS!!!

I was shocked like crazy was it possible that i just made my character reach level 50 in just 2 weeks. During these 2 weeks i also took parts in various pvp events and without doubt i won. This guide proved very fruitful. I cursed myself for not buying this guide much earlier while starting this game. I could have been a pro in no time and mastered and ruled the game.

If you are an online gaming freak and just love rift you have to get rift supremacy guide. It will change the way you play rift supremacy. You get video tutorials + a guide + a nice forum with all the fellow members exchanging tips and tricks. It’s the best game guide available for Rift and you will suffer if you miss it.

You can get the guide here – RIFT SUPREMACY GUIDE

You can read the most honest review here – RIFT SUPREMACY GUIDE REVIEW

I have been playing online games since I got a computer in my hand. I don’t even usually articles for some guides. But this one was so good that i had to write and let other people know.

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I review online gaming products such as RIFT SUPREMACY . You can check it out. Thanks so much for reading my article.

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