Rift Supremacy Review


Rift Supremacy Review

Article by Mike Hartwig
Rift is the newest MMORPG to hit the shelves and although we don’t know if it has what it takes to dethrone World of Warcraft as the king of MMOs, early signs suggest that Rift will be sticking around for the long hall. The game is certainly worth a check out, but just like any other MMORPG, the game experience depends heavily on your knowledge of the game and excellence within the game world. But not just anyone can learn everything there is to know, or master the mechanics of the game in the short time they have available. Luckily, guides are available to help provide the secrets that run of the mill play won’t easily reveal. For Rift, a number of guides have recently emerged onto the scene. Notably, Rift Supremacy, a power-leveling guide, has begun garnering some attention. Rift Supremacy purports to provide the fastest, most efficient path to the end game content. After all, who doesn’t want to race through the levels and spend their time with the real grit of a game? The real question, though, is whether Rift Supremacy really delivers on its promise. This Rift Supremacy review, based only on my experience with the guide and game, will hopefully help answer whether the guide actually proves helpful in leveling quickly and efficiently.

When purchasing a guide, you want to know that it will provide answers when you flip through its pages. Rift Supremacy does well in this category. It provides a comprehensive overview of most all of the great leveling secrets. You’ll learn tips and tricks of the trade, where to level at what level, the best equipment and builds for power leveling, which mobs and monsters to attack, how to efficiently defeat enemies and which quests deserve your attention. And best of all, Rift supremacy splits this all up between the defiant and guardian path, allowing you to focus only on the leveling secrets for your own path. All in all, you get a lot of bang for you buck, and is definitely the most comprehensive guide available for leveling in Rift. It doesn’t answer every question you might have, but it certainly answers most! Do remember, however, that this guide is intended only for power leveling. While it does have some useful advice outside of this, other Rift guides do provide more overall information but often at a cost to its specificity.

A guide can be as comprehensive as can be, but unless its guidance delivers results, it just simply isn’t a good guide. Rift Supremacy, again, excels in this category. Before reading the Rift Supremacy guide I struggled to keep pace with my friends leveling. I found myself left behind, only able to listen to them recount tales of defeating exciting bosses and experiencing parts of the Rift world that I could only pine after. Resolved to find a way to keep pace, I turned to the Rift supremacy guide. As I mentioned, this guide comes with just about as much advice you could need for leveling in any region. But, more importantly, I found the guidance was genuinely helpful. I started to discover the best places to level, the best monsters to pursue and the best quests for my time. Now, I can’t say this really is the fastest way to level in Rift, after all, maybe the best way just hasn’t been discovered. But in my experience, the results I saw were substantial. I eventually caught up to my friends and enjoyed playing alongside their exciting adventures. But then I raced past them and earned the right to recount stories for them to pine after. I can’t speak highly enough about the results I saw from this guide!

This is where Rift Supremacy really stands out. Its presentation is perfect for a leveling guide. Rather than a standard written guide book like you might find in an EB games, Rift Supremacy is a combination between written and video guide. What this means is that for everything that is written is an accompanying video of actual Rift game play. So, if you read something and don’t quite get it, watch the author himself execute it. This is much more helpful than you might think. As much as good writing can get you, seeing it in action is priceless (well, actually it does have a price!). Almost as importantly, the videos are aren’t just available, they are also well done. The voice over is easy to understand and follow and the narration is to the point and effective. Videos will increasingly become a mainstay for video game guides and Rift Supremacy certainly shows why!

Even though we always we want a great guide, we also want a great price! The perfect guide, if priced too high, really doesn’t help as all that much. At a price of 34.95, its reasonable. If you are willing to pay the sixty odd dollars that the game costs and a subscription fee, the thirty five dollars for Rift Supremacy is probably worth it, especially if you find that you aren’t leveling quite as fast as you’d hoped. Guides are sometimes only a luxury, but Rift Supremacy is a luxury you should really try to afford. It is presented well, comprehensive and provides legitimate results. Definitely my favorite leveling guide for Rift–although not my favorite guide altogether. What does sort of suck is that the guide is really only for leveling. Now this includes a lot, but other Rift guides, like the Xerxes Rift Guide offer a more comprehensive guide. But Rift Supremacy is honest and up front about its content being restricted to power leveling.

The Rift Supremacy guide is certainly worth checking out and my experience it was without doubt worth the cash. Granted, I have a bit of extra money to enjoy the opportunity to buy guides and see their worth (although I’m now granted some for free for review), but I really do think even someone on a budget could find that extra budge to pick this one up. It really enhances your experience in Rift and provides that extra boost to leveling that will keep you up late into the morning hours!

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