Rift Supremacy Walkthrough- Best Build To Use For PvP!


Rift Supremacy Walkthrough- Best Build To Use For PvP!

Rift Supremacy Walkthrough will assist you with the many quests available on Rift

Rift Supremacy Walkthrough, designed to give you the best PvP build to help you successfully and quickly level up!

Article by John Greenberger

Rift Supremacy WalkthroughRift is a massive game with quests opening up all around you. It can get very complicated, very fast. In the process you miss out on potential quests and EXP. We have listed out our quests in a simple step by step format. All you have to do is follow each step. It is simple, effective and results in power leveling.

You want to do more raiding and of course more PvP builds which is essential to the game. This spec you want to be use is the Marksman, Nightblade and Ranger souls which seem to be a popular choice for the gamers that are dominating PvP. It’s quite simple to set up – all you need to do is put 51 points into Marksman and just max out everything on the Marksman soul tree. You will then be left with 15 points.

You need to put 6 into the Ranger soul tree and to do this put 5 into the skill Eagle Eye and then put 1 point into Crippling shot as that will give you a nice slow that you can use.

Then head over to the Nightblade Soul tree and put 5 points into Blazing Fury and this will increase your damage output and then put 4 points into the Coup De Grace which increases the damage output even further.

You want to focus on the Marksman tree and the best skills to use when in PvP are:

  • Swift Shot – A must to use in PVP for the Rogue as it will increase your movement speed.
  • Hasted Shot – Very good skill to finish off people in PVP with the Rogue in Rift.
  • Rapid Fire Shot – You will be using Rapid Fire shot a lot with this spec and what it does is fire 5 shots all at once and the damage it does is awesome!
  • Well worth picking up!
  • The only downside is that it has a 20 second cool down but it is great to finish people off in PvP! Other than that this is the best build method for PvP.

Rift is popping up all over the place and Invasion forces running around the map makes you feel like you really are at the forefront of battle. This is probably the most interesting aspect of the game, definitely makes the entire game extremely dynamic. Rifts and Invasions guide will help demystify this complex concept and tips and tricks to get the top of the Planar events leaderboards.

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If you want a complete guide to all 4 callings and a complete leveling guide for both Defiant and Guardian then you need to visit Rift Guide.

Rift Supremacy Walkthrough was written to help you with PvP play plus in successfully and quickly leveling up!

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