Rift Tank Builds – Get Serious About Rift!


Rift Tank Builds – Get Serious About Rift!

Rift Tank Builds are important and exciting pieces to great game play

Rift Tank Builds can help you successfully and quickly level up in this awesome MMORPG

Article by Stewart Kaiser

Rift Tank BuildsTanks are important to the simple premise of the Rift game and are absolute necessities for a lot of of the game’s more exciting scenarios like invasion events, dungeon raids and PvPs. Rift tank builds can easily spell the distinction between success or failure and players ought to pay careful attention to correct rift tank builds if they expect to be competitive while playing the Rift game. For starters, tanks can only be built out of basic soul sorts from the Warrior, Rogue and Cleric classes. The Mage class renders itself incapable of Fit tank builds and really should only exist to complement group action especially on healing where most tank builds – except for Clerics – are weakest.

The simple warrior tank develop involves a combination of the Paladin, Void Knight, and Warlord souls using the Paladin usually chosen as the principal souls despite the fact that you can find players who play around with this to switch Void Knight as main and Paladin as off-souls. Paladins are evenly balanced soul kinds and can provide a good mix of attack and defense but Void Knights truly give more tanking perks like Defender, Ravenous Defense, and Powerful Countenance as a defensive boost for primary tanks. In this setup, the Paladin and Warlord off-souls complement the defense by offering high endurance through Aegis of Vitality and Aspect of the Fallen Hero. Taunts are finest taken from Judgment and Airburst for both Paladins and Void Knights.

Rift tank builds within the Rogue class are usually based off of Riftstalker, which is the only defensive Rogue soul. Most players go with Riftstalker-BardBlade Dancer in some mixture with Blade Dancer supplying the all crucial mitigation abilities. Dodge and parry boosts can be taken from the False Blade capability whilst Disengage gives the user the capacity to stun enemies giving allies enough time to launch a massive attack.

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Cleric rift tank builds are built about the Justicar having a combination of Druid and Shaman off souls. The Justicar has very high wellness and endurance and can for that reason accommodate plenty of damage during mob attacks. You can find no direct taunts but you are able to use Maelstrom to gain enemy attention by inflicting numerous harm on enemies. For superb defense, use Glacial Shield or Just Defense, depending on the level you’re in. Greater levels work much better with Glacial Shield due to its higher tolerance for harm absorption.

Mage rift tank builds, as already mentioned, are often times not a preference for rift players simply because Mages are developed to be supportive in nature. However, a NecromancerChloromancerDominator combination can provide some semblance of tank support if essential. Necromancer gives you the ability to summon a pet that may act as the principal tank; pretty lame, if you ask me, but hey it can come in handy should you be devoid of main tank possibilities in an accidental rift invasion.

Work with these rift tank builds as alternatives for the best tanking character on rift. There isn’t any 1 formula to be the best rift alternative but a well created character can be more than adequate to perform a tanking job.

Tank builds are important when trying to Level Up In Rift. Follow these simple rules in this Rift Leveling Guide and you could reach level 50 in under 2 days, by clicking here!

Rift Tank Builds was written to give you some direction in tanking abilities in your game play to help you successfully and quickly level up in Rift!

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