Rift Telara from a Players Perspective


Rift Telara from a Players Perspective

Rift Telara is a game designed for PvP

Rift Telara will guide you in your quest to successfully and quickly level up!

Rift is all about PvP

Rift TelaraLet me start off by saying that this is NOT a PvE (Player vs Environment) game. A lot of the evaluations that you’ll read on the net hit this game heavily for story lines, engaging quests, and other social factors of the game. To all that I would say who cares, this is a PvP (Player vs Player) based game and a excellent one at that. Individually, I don’t care about grinding out 40 hours a week running a quest chain so that I can obtain gear x and raise my faction. I want to earn gear beneficial enough so that I can participate in PvP, and that is precisely what the game has to offer.

A few of points that I liked about this game.

Insanely quick XP from simple quests, while participating in world PvP from level 20 and above. I got to level 45 in a week with level 50 being the current level cap .

-Excellent and informative guides are out there (go to Rift Supremacy Guide to find out all you need to know to get this edge)

– PvP is not nearly as gear based as WoW or other MMORPG‘s . All armor in the game can be created , and just because you wasted 40 hours grinding a dungeon for the best gear does not necessarily mean that you have any substantial advantage in the game.

– All gear in the game can be crafted by the a variety of trades. – excellent PvP balance late game.

– Soul system allows for a much more balanced and personalized build of your killer avatar. Wanna play a heavy defensive tank Sat, but respec to highly offensive tank Sun? Do it! The best thing about all this is that your equipment for the most part doesn’t change!

– Good class balance. Again building off the soul system, you can create a wide range of classes. Want a healing Mage, role a Cholro soul. Want a tanking Rogue role a Riftstalker. A particular build kicking your butts? Do the research and build to hunt for it.

Rift events keep world PvP fresh . Rift offers some unique rewards and are only available in the open world. The good thing about this is that both sides want to earn these riches which means rifts = PvP.

– Team based PvP built effectively. This game is not meant for primarily 1 on 1 PvP play. You will get PWN’d if you try this because there are hard counters for your soul build out there.

Team based PvP is much more balanced and interesting than in WoW. In a nutshell, yes this game takes some ideas from other MMORPG’s before it’s time but let’s be honest, which MMO hasn’t done this? This game is an exciting blend between WoW, Warhammer, and perhaps DAOC. If you are serious in playing a well made PvP MMO, then I would really recommend that you pick this up . Let’s be honest PvE/”quests n stuff”& trade; are for those that can’t cut it in PvP, and as a result they will not enjoy this game. I would also highly recommend that you visit this site, Rift Supremacy Guide, and get the best PvP and all around guide for this game. Even if you are an advanced player like I am, the guide listed here is invaluable.

For the best PvP guide, click here!

Rift Telara was designed to give you a heads up to successfully and quickly level up!

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