Rift Tips?Leveling Faster Methods


Rift Tips?Leveling Faster Methods

Rift guide-Cleric Leveling Guide


In this RIFT Cleric leveling guide, you may discover one in every of the foremost effective strategies to extend Cleric’s leveling speed therefore quick that it extremely about to prevent voluminous time and energy. This Guide may lead you to get Rift Gold easily.


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To level a Cleric quick, you may have to be compelled to use soul combos, that are Justicar, Druid and Shaman.




Go ahead and place five points into Hammer of Virtue. This may increase your injury, which which is able to cause you to need to use two-handed maces you can swap two-handed maces with a mace and a defend if you’re in an exceedingly group.




Do not place to several points in Druid. the most reason why I like to recommend this soul is to induce the Faerie, that could be a pet. Faerie is really quite weak however will quite an honest job at healing you throughout fights, creating it price for you to induce it within the early levels.




Shaman is that the one which will enable you to try and do voluminous injury quickly during this RIFT Cleric leveling build, permitting you to kill enemies and leveling up faster. however I don’t advocate putting to several points into Shaman right away as a result of later we tend to are about to switch the three souls everywhere.


RIFT Cleric Leveling Guide – The combos which will accelerate your leveling speed.


Combinations at Level 1-10


In these early stages, concentrate and keep putting points into Justicar. As you reach level vi, place one purpose into Doctrine of Bliss. Doing this may enable you to self-heal and permits you to kill nearly something that cross your path.


As you progress on, max out Life’s Devotion and throw one purpose into Reparation. By doing therefore, every of your Strike Of Judgement can grant you an honest quantity of health. additionally, if you own a Faerie a pet gained from Druid–highly recommended, you’ll have nearly most health when you face most of the one on one fight. If you encounter a multiple-enemies attack, use Doctrine of Bliss to take care of a high level of health. You’re currently a strong solo.


Put the remainder of the points into Shaman. a lot of injury is usually an honest factor for you.


Combinations at Level 11-50


In this second section, specialise in Shaman and throw the bulk of points earned here into him. Being a Shaman, you’ll be an extreme killing machine here, demolishing something that crosses your means.


However, i might not advocate filling the complete Shaman tree utterly. Throw {a purpose|some extent|a degree} into Maelstorm however avoid any point for Thick Skinned. Maintain a similar points in Justicar whereas putting some into Druid. provide 5/5 in Strength Of Earth and Spirit Of Hunter further.


Another strategy to travel for; throw a full fifty one points into Shaman whereas go 4/5 into Strength Of Earth. Anyways, since this can be a soloing build, it’ll be best for you to merely re-spec to a caster-oriented spec once you hit level fifty (unless you’re not wiggling with different players online).


RIFT Cleric Leveling Guide – enjoying The Cleric Effectively


Now that you simply have the most effective spec for your Cleric, you may need the ability to play them effectively through out the sport. within the early levels (1-10), Strike Of Judgement goes to be your main resource of injury. begin by casting Censure then use Strike Of Judgement continuously. this may give you with Convictions, that you’re about to pay on Doctrine Of Bliss for your self-healing purpose.


As soon as you progress to the upper levels (12-50) and throw some points into Shaman, you may positively see a rise in speed. you’ll begin using Lightning Hammer because it cause a lot of injury than Strike Of Judgement, however you may solely be able to use it each vi seconds attributable to the calm down. Plus, use large Blow whenever you’ve got the prospect because it will heaps of injury further.


Healing are a few things that you simply shouldn’t be worried regarding as your pet can guarantee you’ll be up to full health once every battle. Furthermore, Favoured Of The Valnir, Unstoppable Force and Glacial defend can give you a lot of facilitate.


Once Long Memory is unlocked, it’s best you simply use Crushing Blow. this may give huge quantity of injury, that permits you to end quests in awesome speed.




The basis of this RIFT Cleric leveling guide is; The Justicar and Druid can give you health whereas the Shaman can dispense all the injury. this can be what I strongly believe to be the fastest and simplest RIFT Cleric build.


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