Rift Warrior DPS Build for 1.5


Rift Warrior DPS Build for 1.5

Article by Sasa

Rift Warrior DPS Build for 1.5

Hello everyone today here i have a new build that has some changes due to new patch 1.5 it’s Warrior DPS Build and i hope you like it. You can use this build in any patch but it’s a new one.
This is Paragon, Champion, RiftBlade build in that order so Paragon will be our main soul here. With no more talk let’s cut to the chase and start building


Let’s start loading points put 5 on Duality of Mind, then max out Combat precision. Now stick 5 on Teaching of the Five Rings.
Put 3 on Double Jeopardy, leave out predictible movement and stick 3 on the Grace of the Five Rings that will increase your chance tou parry an attack when wielding a wepon in each hand.
Pick up Wrist strike, go one up and put 5 points in Flowing strikes, then pick up Bend like the Reed for instant energy.
Move on top and put 1 in touch of tranquility for a nerve strike to enemies neck then 2 in Improved Flowing strike, this will enable you to pick up Death touch. Tha is all for Paragon now moving on to next tree.


Stick 5 points in take no prisioners, max out Titan’s Strength then 1 point in Deadly strikes.
1 point in Grimm’s Satissfaction and pick up Thunderous kick, this abbility grants 1 attack point.
Pick up Battlefield Intimidation and Blitz that allows you to use Bull Rush in combat.
Stick 2 points in Lingering wounds and pick up Ruthless pursuit that removes all movement impairing effects.
Now max out Follow trough then at the top stick 2 points into Overrun this will stunt your enemy for 2 seconds. Ok that is all for Champion tree now the rest of our points we will be using in our next and finall tree.


Put 5 points in Elemental Flux and 5 points in Rift Fury also.
Now pick up Freeze Armor that gives you the skill to freeze enemies armor and take them 50% movement speed off and this lasts 15 seconds. For the final point we are going to pick up Improved Fork.

And there is our Warrior DPS Build finished. I hope you liked it. I did this very fast but normally when you play offcourse this goes much slower. So bookmark this page or copy it somewhere so you can come back. If you want more builds for Warrior or some other Class check the link below. Check out our blog here there is more Warrior builds.

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