Rift Warrior Guide – Everything You Need To Know About Warriors In Rift Telara


Rift Warrior Guide – Everything You Need To Know About Warriors In Rift Telara

Here is a quick and simple RIFT Warrior Guide that should help you to learn more about this class.  The new RIFT game is a brand new MMORPG that is really gathering a lot of steam because of how good the game is.  You will probably find that a ton of people are starting to play it every day, so you should try and level up to be one of the “elite” as quickly as possible.  Let’s get into some more details about the warriors below.

Warriors are amazing in the game, here’s why

Warriors are the champions of combat.  They kill like no other, and their bravery & strength is something that helps to keep them alive against the most vicious opponents.  You are a melee fighter that use plate armor and shields, both of which you will have access to.  As you level up you will begin to see the strength of your warrior growing and you will begin to dominate other players once you can keep your range close to them.

Different warrior classes in RIFT

One thing that this RIFT Warrior guide has to touch on is the fact that Warriors are basically a class within themselves.  You can’t just be a warrior, you need to be a very specific kind of warrior.  Right now there are a couple available.  You can either be a Reaver, Champion, Paladin, Void Knight, Riftblade, Warlord, or Paragon.  Each have their own benefits, but you will easily be able to tell which you want to be by seeing what kinds of talents and spells they have available.  Whichever you choose, though, you are a melee fighter whose bravery will guide you to victory.

Using a step by step RIFT Warrior guide to level up fast, earn gold, master professions and dominate PvP and PvE

Download this step by step RIFT Warrior guide that will guide you through power leveling, and will show you what spells you should be using to dominate your opponents.

Why don’t you take a look at this step by step guide? Visit: Rift Telara Warrior Guide

Whether you are going to go the PVE route and begin raiding, or you’re going to do some PVP, you should use this guide to make you an immediate expert.  I hope that this helps you out, good luck mastering the game!

So, do you want to level up fast, earn lots of gold, master your professions and dominate PvP and PvE? Visit: Rift Warrior

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