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If you’re looking for the top Rift Warrior Guide on the market today, then the Xerxes guide will blow you away (click here to view Xerxes official website)! You can see in the graph bellow how the Xerxes Rift Guide is by fare the most complete Rift guide out there.

What’s special about this guide is that whether your a Rift Champion, Rift Reaver, Rift Paladin, Rift Warlord, Rift Paragon, Rift Riftblade, Rift Void Knight or a Rift Beastmaster, this guide contains powerful speed leveling tactics, best warrior leveling build, souls strategies, PVP and PVE tips, equipments mastering, detailed maps, and much much more.

So if you’re advance, beginner, or simple want to have the best PVP strategies for your warrior, this guide will lead you through all the best avenues that Rift, Planes of Telara has to offer.

Here are some of the guides that are included in your package:

Xerxes Rift Warrior Leveling Guide will guide your warrior from level 1 to cap level in no time! Since Planes of Telara is so huge, getting lost and missing out on some great quests and items is a very common thing. With this guide, never will you waste time anymore looking for the right quests or quest items thanks to detailed maps pin-pointing all Rift Quest locations and its simple, timely optimized walkthrough system, Rift quest item locations, and Rift element locations.

Xerxes Rift Warrior Beginners Guide will cover Character creation, Quest mechanism, Mailboxes, the currency system, the planar currency system, Auction House system, Porticulums and more. Thanks to this rift beginner’s guide, you will quickly have a killer fast start at Rift.

Xerxes Rift Warrior Builds Guide and Warrior Souls Guide will teach you the best Rift warrior leveling build, warrior PvP builds, and warrior ideal raiding builds. You will also learn the best Rift warrior soul trees, soul pairings, and much more.

Xerxes Rift Warrior Rift and Invasion Guide will help your warrior at the top of the Planar events leaderboards. And this will be done by revealing the best strategies, tips, and practices to dominate Rifts and Invasions.

Xerxes Rift Warrior Mechanics Guide will teach you how the in-game mechanics, battle mechanics, and strategic mechanics work, something that definitely takes week to fully understand.

Xerxes Rift Warrior UI Guide will help you customize and optimize your user interface to your warrior advantage. Click this link to access all those guides: RIFT WARRIOR GUIDE

Since this guide has a 60 DAYS MONEY BACK GUARANTEE, you have nothing to lose, and everything to gain to give it a shot like I did. Rift guides definitely make the game funner and takes away all the frustrations by keeping you constantly on an intense action packed road. For more information, you can visit my website in my signature.

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