Riftgold.co.uk: Choose The Right Profession To Make RIFT Gold Quickly And Level Fast


Riftgold.co.uk: Choose The Right Profession To Make RIFT Gold Quickly And Level Fast

In the game of Rift, professions are skill sets available to each player, separate from talents and abilities and the soul trees. The Rift world presents various opportunities to fight and kill monsters, team up with other players for exciting quests and even go against other players of the opposing faction but that’s not all there is to the Rift game. Rift also requires players to choose a profession which grants players the ability to gather various materials to be used during the course of leveling up or even for trading to earn rift gold –http://www.riftgold.co.uk . Crafting and gathering is a very important aspect of the game if you want to make lots of gold quickly. By using various professions, you can product useful items, equipments or consumables and sell to other players for some easy rift gold.

Gathering Professions: you can choose from (Butchery, Foraging and Mining).

Butchery – Obtained hides from skinning slain monsters. Needed widely, but mostly by Outfitter and Armorsmith.
Foraging – Gather plants and lumber, usually from the ground. This can be an easy profession to make profitable, because lumber and herbs and needed by almost every other profession in the game.
Mining – Collects gems and ores from nodes that randomly spawn through the world of Rift. This is greatly needed by Weaponsmiths. Because Weaponsmiths is more or less the most popular profession and requires a lot of ore to level up, Mining can potentially be the most profitable profession if making rift gold is your goal.

Crafting Professions: these professions don’t literally require you to have a gathering professions, but it will be easy for you to craft if you have the resources.

Apothecary Professions – creates Flasks, Potions, Philters, Tonics, and Vials.
Armorsmithing Professions – creates chain and plate armor, as well as shields.
Artificing Professions – creates jewelry and caster weaponry.
Outfitting Professions – creates cloth and leather items.
Runecrafting Professions – creates runes, used to augment weapons and gear.
Weaponsmithing Professions – creates melee and ranged weapons.

There are more in depth Rift Professions guides to match the profession to the character soul and class type. Choosing a profession requires some careful thinking but they are pretty easy to follow. In general, you would want apothecary for rogue, weapon and armor smithing for warriors and so on. While there is no hard and fast rule for pairing professions and souls, there are obvious hints as some callings render some professions useless. For example, you shouldn’t choose weaponsmithing for mages or clerics for every obvious reason.

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