Rift:Planes of Telara…. My Review


Rift:Planes of Telara…. My Review

 Rift:Planes of Telara…..A Fresh Era of MMO is here! To begin with, for me to get invited to a Beta Test is few in number …I was lucky this time to put it mildly.  For most, to get involved with the Beta Events for Rift you simply were required to pre order the game, either standard or Collectors Edition. Following the first Beta Event I’d been in I gladly pre ordered. This game had every thing I had been looking for in an MMO. I’ve played numerous MMORPG’s, Lord of the Rings Online, World of Warcraft, Age of Conan, to name a few. Rift has brought the ideal Components of A number of the Leading MMO’s and enhanced them from what I have seen. 

 The Graphics are phenominal, I honestly must say this is the first MMO I have had the opportunity to play on an Ultra Setting without hitching ,ever. My system specs include 4 gb RAM 3.0 Dual Core Processor as well as an ATI HD 4870. The “World” is brilliant and authentic, which to me,  I’m particular too. Too numerous others, this is also a  contributing factor for a game. The user interface, is user freindly and can be changed easily. Ive seen the same fuctionally for changing the UI in Lotro and AOC. Rift actually goes more in depth. So if you really need to tweak it you can.


 Playabilty is definitely awesome, with Rift, a distinctive system of “a Skill Tree” has been implemented called a “Soul”, A Soul will be the representaion of what you would like to be.  As An Example there are various classes of mage, warrior, and cleric to mention a few . With these Souls you can make a soul build in essence your “Talent Tree” as it were. Using this you can have a set of 3 Souls and one PvP soul. For example the Mage PvP soul is the “ArchMage” So basically you can have a mage that is a Healer, DPS, along with a Support Role.

 Crafting is availble also for people who enjoy crafting, I’m among them. The Crafting is rather indepth, its pretty close to the way the crafting system is implemented in WoW but better. With the Servers, there is a array of PvP, PvE, PvP RP, PvE RP, so whatever kind of gameplay you like enviroment or player vs player, with the inclusion of roleplay if you so desire, the choice is yours. So far as PvP which is the actually the sort of Server some prefer, the “World” is open season as we say. Also you have the choice of entering a “battleground or Warfront” where there are very different types of maps and objectives. I’ve played this and trust me it’s a LOT OF FUN!

 Finally, what I must mention first and foremost and what the game is based on, will be the Rift or Rifts. This is a tear in the fabric between Worlds, where beings or creatures can invade Telara. These may pop up anywhere possibly at anytime, the aim should be to Close these Rifts and destroy the invading forces. You’ll be able to join these in the form of a “Public Group/Raid” or do these as private together with your guildmates. Addititionally there is an original reward system that goes in addition to this too. Should you be looking for the next generation MMO, It’s my opinion Rift:Planes of Telara is the genuine article! The Most suitable advise I can give is to actually try the game Yourself!

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