The Rift Cleric


The Rift Cleric

The Rift Cleric, the best healer in all of the Rift classes

The Rift Cleric will help you successfully and quickly level up in this hot MMORPG!

Rift Cleric The Rift Cleric class, in comparison to its damage and tanking counterparts, is typically relied upon for their healing, buffing, debuffing and disease canceling abilities. While Clerics are not the only ones who heal in the game of Rift, they are the best healing class available in the game depending on the branch choice. Many high end adventures will rarely see completion without one in tow.

The Rift Cleric has many diverting branches or souls; they include the purge by fire Purifier, the be good or suffer thy wrath Inquisitor, the defensive healing Sentinel, the shoulder to shoulder battle Justicar, the body inducing Shaman and the nearly inexhaustible healing Warden.

Each class specializes in an area of magic combination and can feature healing, debuffing and damage all in one. The Justicar for example thrives in combat because their magical abilities get better as often as they swing their weapons. Justicars can even heal automatically in tune to their swing. Shamans can attack, provide defensive buffs and provide supplementary heals. Purifiers harness internal fires to both heal and damage incoming opponents. Inquisitors combine death and life abilities, stripping opponents of power while they hammer away. Wardens are a slow and steady heal over time class that gets stronger as time allows. Sentinels use elite defensive magic to protect and heal its party. In short, clerics do not have to sit, wait and heal like many other RPG games.

A Rift Cleric will typically wear light to chain mail levels of armor. They also have the ability to wield shields as well. A Rift Cleric prefers to wield scepter or mace like weapons since their real damage comes from their magical abilities. Health is not as prevalent in this class as opposed to the Warrior. Clerics, with the exception of the Justicar class for example, do not do well when taking damage mid combat. Many of the class branches will focus on mid range support tactics.

As a Rift Cleric survival is the goal. Any enemy can be overcome through the light of determined healing, support and resurrection.

Below, are listed specific builds for the various Cleric souls… hope they help!

The Rift Cleric souls have many diverse strengths. In general the Cleric class hybrid is a healing / damage / support class. Depending on the soul trees you focus on will determine your strengths and weaknesses.

Cleric Purifier – Purifier Builds

This is a ranged healing class for clerics. This class also has some good buffs it can cast and works well in combination with other ranged classes. Purifiers also can res after spending 10 points in this soul tree. This class is weak on HoTs, CC, mana and AEH is limited unless you go deep into the tree.

  • Purifier Talent Builds:
  • Sentinel (3) / Purifier (51) / Warden (12) – PVE healing build.

Cleric Inquisitor – Inquisitor Builds

The Inquisitor focuses on single target dps, has some some aoe and buff abilities. This soul tree does not have much else going for it besides being strong for single target dps, not much in the way of protection or buffs.

  • Inquisitor Talent Builds:
  • Sentinel (10) / Inquisitor (34) / Cabalist (22)
  • Cabalist (11) / Inquisitor (35) / Sentinel (0) – Direct damage leveling build.
  • Cabalist (12) / Inquisitor (43) / Sentinel (11) – PVE caster build

Cleric Sentinel – Sentinel Builds

The Sentinel is another healing Rift Cleric, it has a lot of heals that effect more than one target and many that are instant cast. They are better suited paired with melee soul trees. They can also res with 10 points in this soul tree.

  • Sentinel Talent Builds:
  • Purifier (2) / Sentinel (32) / Warden (12) – PVE heal leveling build.
  • Purifier (12) / Sentinel (34) / Templar (20) – PVP healing build
  • Purifier (11) / Sentinel (39) / Warden (16) – PVE healing build
  • Purifier (3) / Sentinel (51) / Warden (12) – PVE healing build

Cleric JusticarJusticar Builds

This is the tanking soul tree for clerics. Putting a few points into this tree can give you some nice party heals and some damage and good armor buffs.

  • Justicar Talent Builds:
  • Druid (10) / Justicar (39) / Shaman (17) – PVP build
  • Shaman (19) / Justicar (29) / Warden (18)
  • Shaman (14) / Justicar (34) / Warden (18)
  • Warden (17) / Justicar (31) / Sentinel (18) – Multipurpose build
  • Shaman (11) / Justicar (35) / Sentinel (0) – Tank leveling build.
  • Shaman (12) / Justicar (44) / Druid (10) – Justicar Tanking Build.
  • Justicar (51) / Purifier (7) / Shaman (8) – Tanking build.
  • Shaman (11) / Justicar (51) / Sentinel (4) – PVE tanking build.

Cleric ShamanShaman Builds

The Shaman Rift Cleric soul is a strong melee damage class. Shaman use buffs called Vengeance, only one Vengeance can be active at a time and can be used for increasing damage, mana, or snaring targets.

  • Rift Shaman Talent Builds:
  • Shaman (35) / Druid (26) / Warden (5)
  • Druid (20) / Shaman (46) / Warden (0)
  • Justicar (11) / Shaman (35) – A Shaman leveling build, it goes to level 35. This is mainly a solo leveling melee build, it has high melee dps and good self heals. Third soul can really be anything but initially you want a healer class for it, start with Warden and later on switch to Druid.
  • Druid (10) / Shaman (51) / Justicar (5) – PVE melee builds

Cleric Warden Warden Builds

Healing Rift Cleric soul tree that mainly use health over time spells (HoTs). The Warden is good tree to spend some points in for melee clerics as the HOTs can you at max health.

  • Warden Talent Builds:
  • Warden (51) / Sentinel (15) / Druid (0) – This build grabs everything in Warden in order to gain AoE Utility. The downsides to this set up is that you take points in talents that you should never get any use in a PvE Environment, the biggest advantage to having 51 points is caused by the root talent Ocean’s Blessing; this talent increases HoT through-put by 6% and then an additional 3.6% per point after 36. This build has strong AoE and talents that support Warden playstyle.
  • Warden (44) / Purifier (21) / Sentinel (0) – This build makes the Warden play high proactive, able to get HoT effects and Shields into place. While also being able to deal with AoE Damage. The Sentinel Soul can be swapped out if the Cleric would find that a Faerie is going to be of more use then Healing Breath.
  • Warden (38) / Sentinel (18) / Purifier (10) – This spec is for PvE. It should give some of the most powerful talents possible. The deciding factor between this and 51/15/0 is the effect of Oceans Blessing which provides ~47% more powerful HoT spells but losses utility.
  • Purifier (5) / Sentinel (10) / Warden (51) – PVR healing build
  • Inquisitor (14) / Cabalist (32) / Sentinel (0) – Cabalist AOE Leveling Build

Cleric Druid Druid Builds

Druids are a melee dps Rift Cleric class that focuses on pets. The pets are the largest strength and weakness of the Druid. Druid pets strongly bond to thier masters and give Druids different abilities

  • Druid Talent Builds:
  • Shaman (29) / Druid (36) / Warden (0)
  • Shaman (11) / Druid (35) / Sentinel (0) – Pet Druid leveling build(to level 35). Satyr is the pet of choice, shaman is for glacial shield, sentinel is for healing breath. Rotation priority: Rage of the Fae > Combined Effort > Eruption of Life > Trickster Spirit > Fervent Strike

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A Rift Cleric will assist you in successfully and quickly leveling up!

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