To Reach RIFT Max Level, Avoid Getting Suspended


Reach RIFT Max Level, Avoid Getting Suspended

Reach RIFT Max Level while still complying to the rules of  the game

Reach RIFT Max Level

Article by Dana Hartsman

Reach Rift Max LevelRules exist everywhere. Even in Rift online. When these rules are broken the player is forced to support the consequences. These rules apply to any player, no matter if it’s a low level player or a player who already attained the Rift max level. Rift rpg has very strict terms of use.¬†Every player comes in contact with these regulations when making an account or starting the game for the first time. Most of the times no one reads it just scroll down until the “I agree” button becomes clickable. To be honest it’s not the most interesting lecture but there are some things that should be known from the start in order to avoid the risk of getting your Rift rpg account banned.

The Terms of Use for Rift online doesn’t give a specific number or warnings a player may have before his or hers account becomes permanently banned. It only says that Trion Worlds reserves the right to close down any Rift online account that violates the legal terms with or without notification at any time. This means that it is up to Trion Worlds to judge the severity of the infraction and act accordingly. This may result in warnings, temporary account suspension or permanent ban.

One of the most severe infringements that most of the times result in permanent account suspension is the use of bots, game items exchange for real money or make use of game exploits. Players that purchase leveling guides to reach Rift max level must be cautious and check if the guide does not contain any illegal information. Trion Worlds also has a policy regarding player and guild names.

A Rift rpg name, be it character name, guild name or pet name is not allowed to be of offensive nature, connected to illegal activities, religion related in any way, bear any similarities to a trademark, public person or celebrity. This kind of rule violation does not result in permanent account ban, but a temporary suspension and of course, the name needs to be changed immediately. Although there are Rift max level characters that get away with such names.

There are rules that apply when it comes to behavior towards other Rift rpg fellow players or speaking in general chat. Posting messages repeated times (spam) or vulgar, harmful or disturbing content is also punished with a temporary Rift online account suspension. Threatening, harassing or using obscene language when speaking to a player is another violation of the Rift rpg terms of agreement.

All these rules may sound a bit strict but after all they are all common sense rules. As long as a Rift rpg player doesn’t use software that make use of game exploits or automation software (also known as bots) or attempts to buy or sell game goods for real money his or hers account is safe from suspension.

Also, if using a leveling guide to achieve Rift max level it’s the players duty to make sure it doesn’t contain illegal information. Keeping a mature and polite attitude towards the other Rift rpg players will avoid the risk of getting one’s account banned. And if you spot such a player report him so Rift online community can maintain its friendly atmosphere

About the Author

Dana Hartsman is an avid online mmo player and sought out expert in power leveling for the game of RIFT.

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Reach Rift Max Level, was written to ensure you stay legal within the game rules and successfully and quickly level up!

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