Total Rift Warrior Secrets Revealed


Total Rift Warrior Secrets Revealed

Rift Warrior Secrets will help you understand its nine souls and enable best usage

Rift Warrior Secrets was written to help you successfully and quickly level up in this awesome MMORPG!

Article by Info@riftgameforum

Rift Warrior SecretsLets get a grip of the basic talents, of each Rift Warrior soul. To do this, I have laid out a brief description of each. There are nine different types of souls available for Warrior, each having their own unique abilities and skills. Some souls are quite similar in style, so this should help you to make the correct decision for your particular game style or overall plan of attack.

Warriors use “attack points” and “power” to harness their abilities. The basic attack utilizes “power”. This can be used in fairly quick succession (around every 10 seconds or so) and generate 1 attack point for each infliction. The best way to inflict maximum damage, is to ensure you have all 3 attack points available before you use any of the warriors key abilities. This way you will harness the full potential of the beating you are inflicting on your opponent.

The Beastmaster soul is an interesting animal (pun!) You can unleash the fury of the animal kingdom at your will, and deliver some damaging results. This makes for a very good option for tanking, as it allows you to boost the groups armor up, and reduce enemy damage. All this power is achived by accessing “Protective Companion” for a mere 10 points! The downside to Beastmaster is the sheer lack of maneuverability in PvP situations. This being said, you will be a welcome site in a group game, just for the “Protective Companion” ability alone.

The Champion soul – is the Champions choice. You can get on with job, inflicting serious damage, even if your opponent dodges your initial attack. This can only be accomplished by way of “Inescapable Fury” (when talented). This will make your opponent sorry he missed your first attack! As you lay the smack-down with 100% crit rate. Champion is a soul that you need to make available for later escapades, and you need to ensure that he is fully tooled-up for the operation. This is not the soul that you want to go questing with, the likes of Riftblade and Paragon are better suited for this. Nonetheless, The Champion soul is one soul that you need to have in reserve.

Warlord is your more reserved choice and pretty useless in small groups. In fact – the only way I can see this soul being of any use to either man or beast – is in larger groups, raiding. The Warlord soul ability lies in Buffing raid members, although the buffs are raid wide, they are fairly weak.

Your future soul choice has to be the illusive Vindicator. This is a soul that is unlocked when you purchase it with favor. Favor is earned by having your fair share of PvP battlegrounds. You can also improve this soul by earning Prestige which you have to earn by killing other players. I will comment on this soul in later posts, as I am currently working with this soul and have plenty of good information to share with you in the very near future – under it’s own post. Watch this space!

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Rift Warrior Secrets was designed to help you successfully and quickly level up by understanding the Warrior!

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