Two top guide of RIFT


Two top guide of RIFT

If you’ve got never played Rift before, there are 2 major things that are distinctive to Rift that aren’t found in the other game: Souls and Rifts.




In Rift, players are ready to choose one in all four primary classes: Cleric, Mage, Warrior, or Rogue. However, your talents are literally determined off of that “souls” you’ve got equipped to your character.


Within every category, there are a complete of eight souls. every of the eight souls has one in all many roles and a very distinctive talent and skill tree.


Players will equip up to three souls and might eventually unlock all the souls via quests. they’ll then amendment them out at any time (for alittle price).


You can place your talent points (which you receive for leveling up) amongst the souls as you please.


However, it’s best to select a primary soul to place most of your points in (as you get access to sensible talents this way) and to use 1-2 alternative souls for support or buffs.


As an example:


Clerics concentrate on healing, however the Shaman soul is constructed for melee harm. Clerics will use this soul to level up and solo with and swap it out for a healing soul when it’s time for dungeons or raids.


Warriors have a range of souls that do fully totally different things:


The Champion soul plays sort of a ancient damage-dealing warrior and uses a 2-hand weapon.


The Paragon soul uses two weapons and has some powerful melee and ranged attacks.


The Riftblade soul uses principally magic harm for its attacks and might deal a stunning quantity of harm casting spells from vary.


The Beastmaster soul summons pets to help the warrior, creating it a solid selection for leveling.


..and those are simply 1/2 this souls obtainable for Warriors (the alternative ones are tanking-based).


The point is you’ll come back up with an oversized variety of categories. This Rift Planes of Telara guide can are available handy in serving to you decide the simplest souls for leveling up quickly and doing the foremost harm.


Throughout this Rift guide, you may notice a lot of specific leveling builds for every of the callings, therefore make sure to scan those articles for a lot of details.




The other fascinating a part of Rift Planes of Telara are the rifts themselves. As you’re exploring the globe, Rifts can seem randomly. Invaders, monsters, and every one kinds of enemies can pour through these rifts.


You can band at the side of alternative adventurers to defeat them for a few cool rewards. they’re plenty of fun and might be a tremendous supply of expertise points. By following the methods during this Rift guide, you’ll conjointly manage to solo quite a number of of those still.


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