Understanding Rift Warrior Souls For Faster Leveling!


Understanding Rift Warrior Souls For Faster Leveling!

You want to level up well understanding Rift Warrior Souls can be an effective path to successfully and quickly leveling up to 50

Understanding Rift Warrior Souls For Faster Leveling!The Warrior is one of the most versatile units in the Rift game; hence Rift Warrior souls garner a large amount of attention from both newbies and old players alike. Newbies who have only been recently introduced to the game will normally gravitate into picking Rift Warrior souls simply because gameplay is straightforward but at the same time, Warrior builds are extremely versatile to adjust to any in-game demand whether it be attack or defense. In the same way, old players looking to gain an advantage will do what they can to pour into tips on improving their builds based on Rift Warrior souls so they can one-up both the enemies in a PvP scenario and the quests and the environment in general.

There are eight total Rift Warrior souls divided into 4 primarily offensive and 4 primarily defensive souls. Those belonging to the offensive soul distinction are the Beastmaster, Champion, Paragon, and Riftblade while those that have acquired a defensive reputation are the Paladin, Reaver, Void Knight and Warlord. Each of these souls have very distinctive traits that make them valuable in the battlefield but before getting to those details, it is equally important to learn what it is that ties all the Rift Warrior souls together. IN a nutshell, Warriors are hardened fighters who’s main purpose is to be on the frontlines of the battlefield whether as an attack of defensive unit. Warriors collect Action Points as a means to grow up the skills ladder and the preferred order for building stats for Warriors is Strength over Endurance over Dexterity.

The attack capabilities of all Rift Warrior souls is rooted on their weapons most notably the two-handed Mace, two-handed Axe, two-handed Sword, one-handed Axe, one-handed Mace, Guns and Bows. The amount of damage a Warrior can do is determined by the number of Action Points accumulated by the build, thus it is extremely important to keep gaining Action Points in order to build your Warrior’s “cred.” In the same way, Rift Warrior souls rely on armor as a means for improving their defensive capabilities.

Learning the skill of using a Warrior-based character requires some practice and skill but there are general rules you can live by to put your character to maximum efficiency.

The first Warrior purpose is “tanking” primarily achieved by combing at least two defensive souls and one offensive soul – the Paladin and Paragon are obvious choices. In a group setting, tanks draw the attention of the enemy to themselves and by virtue of their tough armor can withstand significant levels of attack without taking damage. This leaves the rest of the team to gang up on monsters and enemies who are busy attacking the tank. The tank is both a diversion and a shield that ensures the team’s maximum success by “taking one for the team.” On the same way, offensive souls can be combined to form an attack based character which plays off the primary tank to handle damage to enemies in close range.

The best advise for anyone looking to master Rift Warrior souls is to practice a lot because this is the only way you can perfect the timing of the skills and abilities as well as develop significant rapport with a teammate to execute a perfect combination. Work on your Warrior moves and rely on the axe of your Warrior to plow your way throw the monsters on the Planes of Telara.

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Understanding Rift Warrior Souls can assist in successfully and quickly leveling up, come back for more info…!

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