Understanding The Rift Cleric Souls


Understanding The Rift Cleric Souls

Rift Cleric Souls are some of the most versatile of the classes

Rift Cleric Souls was written to help you successfully and quickly level up in this fantastic MMORPG!

Rift Cleric SoulsIn most MMORPGs launched by well-known gaming companies, there’s always a class of characters that straddle the fine line between specialization and versatility. These characters are able to adapt to a variety of situations because their skill sets are varied enough to meet a lot of in-game demands without being overly general as to not have any lasting effect on the game.

In Rift, this role is adequately filled by Rift Cleric souls who wield powerful magic that are used to heal injuries and diseases or deal damage to enemies. Cleric souls are versatile enough to play solo when leveling or be a vital cog in a group setting for dungeon or rift events. Even if you are playing another Soul Class on Rift, it is important to pay attention to what Rift Cleric souls can do because you never know when you’ll encounter a Cleric in a PvP and it would cost you dearly to not know what to expect.

The first thing you need to know about Rift Cleric souls is their combat strategy. Clerics are magic wielders relying on mana to power every attack or spell. The one weakness with Clerics is that their mana supply is not as deep as Mages, hence if you can drag out a fight long enough, you should find plenty of opening to attack an opposing Cleric. On the other hand, if you are playing a Cleric character, you can sidestep this problem by focusing on building your Wisdom and Intelligence statistics to boost your mana reserves. Wisdom dictates the rate at which mana is regenerated and Intelligence deals with how much mana you can have at any given time. All other stats should be of no relevance to Rift Cleric souls.

Rift Cleric souls are also adequately equipped to justify their versatility. They own cloth, mail or plate armor depending on the specific soul path. Rift Cleric souls who value speed will wear cloth armor sacrificing defense in favor of mobility. In the same way, secondary level tanks in the Cleric class wear mail and plate armor which compromises movement in favor of defense. For offense, Rift Cleric souls use two-handed staff, one and two-handed mace, offhand, wands and shields for plowing through people. To complete the Cleric versatility, certain Rift Cleric souls also specialize in healing making them ideal secondary healers in a group situation. They can act off of primary healers to shift wherever the group needs a health boost so the primary healer can concentrate on restoring health to the primary tank.

Exactly like the other Rift Soul classes, there are eight souls in total that belong to the Cleric calling. There are four offensive-minded souls, the Druid, the Cabalist, the Inquisitor and the Shaman. Defense is the arena of the Justicar. The remaining three souls are all healing souls and they are the Purifier, the Sentinel and the Warden.

A typical leveling build for Rift Cleric souls would revolve around a Druid-Shaman combination with Sentinel thrown in for self healing. Clerics can also become secondary or even primary tanks by loading on the Justicar soul tree. For all other purposes, mix and match a healing unit with an offensive unit so you can reap the most benefit from Rift Cleric souls.

No other Rift Soul class can rival the Cleric in terms of versatility and flexibility. Be aware of what the Cleric calling can do and stay well clear of a rampaging Cleric on the battlefields of Telara. Else, throw away your original soul class selection and for a fee switch to being a Cleric. It’s the best Rift decision you will ever make in your gaming life.

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Rift Cleric Souls was designed to provide info to help you successfully and quickly level up!

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