What are the Best MMOs Available Now


What are the Best MMOs Available Now

Best MMOs Available will provide an overview to two of the best currently

Best MMOs Available discusses the two top games and their advantages

Best MMOs AvailableMassive Multiplayer Online Games have become extremely popular over the last decade. The thought of jumping online and playing with and competing against other players on a massive scale has intrigued millions of PC gamers. While there have been many – too many if you ask me – MMOs that have come out over the past decade, there are really only a few worth playing.

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World of WarCraft

No doubt you’ve heard of WOW before, it’s not only the most popular MMO on the market, it’s also the best selling PC game of all time. And for good reason, WOW is awesome. It’s been around for so many years that it’s expanded beyond even Blizzard’s expectations. Over the years It’s had numerous different patches, updates, and add-ons so that even the most dedicated players will have to spend years trying to see everything it has to offer.

So now I know you’re wondering, is it worth playing World of WarCraft if it’s been around so long? Will other players overpower me? Will I find it hard to assimilate into the WOW culture? The answer is both yes and no. You will have to level your character – which definitely takes time; unless of course you get yourself a leveling guide.

You will need to make friends if you want to get places faster; which is not as hard as it sounds. But most of all, you will need to dedicate some time in order to see all of what World of WarCraft has to offer. The game doesn’t really even begin until you have maxed out your character. I actually just started playing WOW about 3 months ago.

I started as a rogue and with the rogue leveling guide I bought, I was able to max out my character in about 2 weeks; as opposed to months or even years just playing on your own. If you start a new account on WOW, I definitely recommend starting as a rogue, and buying a leveling guide; you will need it!


You might not have heard of Rift yet, but that’s really because it just came out. If you’re looking for the best MMO to start playing right now, Rift is the one for you. It’s drawn a lot of people away from WOW and into its world with promises of better graphics and improved game play. And I’ll be the first to admit it, Rift delivers.

Rift offers two main factions and a decent amount of character customization. It also offers pretty much the standard fare of MMO stuff like PvP and PvE servers and environments. It’s pretty much WOW on steroids with a different environment and characters. One aspect of Rift I really like is the random events that happen every now and then when you are questing or leveling. The sky will turn dark and you better have some friends close because you are about to be swarmed by enemies. It’s things like this that distinguish Rift from the competition and make it more fun to play.

I just started playing right about 3 weeks ago and I have already maxed out my characters; which if you know anything about MMOs, is basically when the game starts to get interesting. I used this awesome Rift leveling guide I found online to boost my character to level 50 in just 4 days. If you’re just starting out with Rift, or interested in playing, definitely pick up a leveling guide, it’s mandatory if you want to experience all the game has to offer without having to constantly level grind – which is tedious to the point where it will drive some players away forever.

At this point, these are two of the best MMOs on the market. There are plenty of others, like the Star Trek MMO and Conan, but they aren’t particularly that fun and definitely don’t feature the same amount of polish and playability that games like WOW and Rift offer.

So do yourself a favor, jump into the world of MMOs and try them out for yourself. There is a reason that millions of people flock to these games; they are awesome!

Best MMOS Available was written to help you make a decision regarding game play.

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