When Looking to RIFT Mage Builds, You Might Draw Some Similarities Between RIFT and WOW


When Looking to RIFT Mage Builds, You Might Draw Some Similarities Between RIFT and WOW

RIFT Mage Builds share a common player base with WoW

RIFT Mage Builds will help you successfully and quickly level up!

Article by Dana Hartsman

RIFT Mage BuildsIt’s no secret that Rift Planes of Telara and World of Warcraft share a common player base. At first glance, Rift may seem to have very few classes in comparison to World of Warcraft. But it makes up when it comes to class flexibility. A Rift class (calling) has 9 talent trees (Souls) while a WoW class has only 3. For example, check out the Rift mage builds and you will see the diversity.

Rift Warrior Calling is the same as WoW Warrior. Rift Cleric is WoW Paladin. These classes are pretty much the same in both Rift and WoW when it comes to versatile gameplay. Warriors can be either tank or melee dps, Cleric/Paladins can be tanks, healers or melee dps. The leveling experience is different though. Rift leveling guides Rift Warriors and Clerics have several viable leveling builds even for the same role.

But the main class difference is between Rift Rogues and Mages and WoW Rogues and Mages. In WoW Rogues can be only melee dps and Mages only caster dps. In Rift, Rogues can perform the role of a melee dps, ranged dps, support and tank. Yes, tank! Rift Mages can be caster dps, healer and support. It depends on the chosen Rift mage builds. Such flexible classes have lots of choices for leveling builds. A Rift leveling guide details them all.

The multitude of the roles Rogues can perform in Rift is due to the 8 different PvE Souls. There are two Souls, Marksman and Ranger which combine into a ranged build with a pet just like WoW hunters. This ranged build is one of the most efficient builds for leveling. A Rift leveling guide provides examples of viable rogue leveling builds. Using Bard in a build allows the Rogue to act as support role providing heals and buff for party members or debuffs for enemies.

However, Bard Soul is not that powerful to be a full healer. As tanks, Rogues use damage absorption abilities and they heavily rely on dodge as one of the primary tanking stats. They don’t use shields or plate armor.

Rift mage builds are very diverse. If the build contains Chloromancer and Archon the Mage can be either healer or support. The caster dps builds also vary. The Elementalist and Necromancer Souls have a pet thus making such Rift mage builds similar to WoW Warlocks. These pet Souls are good for leveling too. Also there is more than one choice for an end game caster dps Mage build.

This applies for PvP as well. Rift Mages and Rogue can perform more than one PvP role (healer, support, melee dps or ranged/caster dps).

As we can see, although Rift provides a rather poor class choice (only 4 classes) it compensates by making them more flexible. One of reasons many players refuse to play a WoW Rogue or Mage is the lack of flexibility. Rift developers added more choices and reinvented these two classes.

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