Xerxes Rift Guide – An In Depth Review Of This Rift Leveling Guide!


Xerxes Rift Guide – An In Depth Review Of This Rift Leveling Guide!

Article by Chris Jones

I have decided to elaborate on my review of the Xerxes guide as a few of you have asked specific questions pertaining to what you get with the guide and of course if it can help you level faster.

With the guide you get 3 main sections:

You get a beginners guide that contains a Mastery guide and this will tell you an overview of the game and everything that you need to know to get started.

If you are brand new to the game you will love this.

You also get a UI guide that will show you around the user interface and also provides tips on how to best set this up so you can see what you are doing easier.

Also there is a good section about how to get faster results using the in game questing system so you can speed through the quests.

Now onto the main parts of the guide:

Xerxes Leveling Guide

This is the main reason that you should consider getting the guide as it gives you a full guide for each of the Guardian and Defiant quests and this is where Xerxes guide out shines the competition as you will only find one or the other in other guides.

The other interesting thing is that there are full maps and screenshots throughout the guide and you will not be stuck getting lost in the game.

Some people think that you do not need a Rift Leveling guide however if you are looking to be the best it allows you to race through to level 50 as quickly as possible!

There other part that you will want to see in the guide is the Rift, PVP and leveling builds in Xerxes guide.

Each of these builds requires a different layout and you do not want to get halfway through the game and then realize that your build is no good!

Well this is where Xerxes can help also!

You get the best PVP builds for all 4 callings and they are split up into sections so you can use the build that will suit you best – you want to do Rifts?

There is a build for that!

You want to focus on leveling there is also a build for that and the same for PVP as well.

If you want a headstart and to excel in the game then I think you need to check out Xerxes Rift Leveling Guide:

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